Creative Friendship Bracelets -DIY

If you like diy projects and you want to surprise a friend with a beautiful gift, we have for you the perfect idea. Bracelets are worn and loved by a lot of women and what can be more precious for someone to receive than a gift made from heart? Surprise your friend and offer her a friendship bracelet. You have more friends? No problem, make as many as you wish and you can all wear the same model to prove you have a close connection and for you and them to be reminded that you are friends!

Creative Friendship Bracelets -DIY

What you will need:
– 180 cm light waxed polyester cord;
– 180 cm gold wax cord;
– 120 cm black waxed polyester cord;
– lobster claw clasp;
– jump rings;
– scissors;
– lighter.

1. Take the black cord and cut it into 7 equal pieces then take all cords and knot them together at the end.
2. Take the blue cord and make two loops with the first black cord as you can see in the pictures then start making half hitch knots along the bracelet with all the black cords. After two lines of blue, make two lines from the yellow.
3. Continue this way until you will reach the desired length for the bracelet.
4. Make a knot with all the cords then with the help of the scissors cut down the extra length then melt the cords together on both sides.
5. Add jump rings to both ends then the lobster clasp and your bracelet is ready!

Photo courtesy: artesanatoeartesanato.

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