Chic and Elegant Hairstyle: The Rolled Bun

Chic and Elegant Hairstyle The Rolled Bun (2)

A bun, also known as a bobtail is a hairstyle type that is very appreciated by women in the entire world. It can be made by pulling back your hair from the face, twisting or plating, and wrapping it in a circular coil around itself on the back side of your head. A bobtail can be slightly messier and informal or refined and formal, depending on what event you wish to attend wearing it, the most important is it can be worn at any time of day you need to. Today we wish to share with you a new way of arranging an elegant and romantic bobtail.

You will need:
– comb;
– hair elastic;
– bobby pins;
– clips.

Directions: For the first step you should separate your hair into two sections, and make a ponytail with the lower section while the upper section you should tie with a clip. Do some backcombing on the upper side of the ponytail so that you can make a bun by rolling it around itself. Make sure you secure the bun with a pin. Now you should move to the upper section. Make a long braid from the middle lower part of it and put it aside while you do some backcombing in the middle hair of the section, and you bring this down towards the bun and you twist it on one side. Take the braid you made earlier and wrap your head with it, now take the rest of the fair from the front, and twist it around the bun and secure with a bobby pin. Enjoy!

Chic and Elegant Hairstyle The Rolled Bun

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