Chic Accessory – DIY Bracelet

Chic Accessory - DIY Bracelet

You can be original and in trend with this beautiful diy bracelet project we show you today. It’s fun to wear jewelry we find in shops, but it’s more fun to have something unique we know nobody else has. So, you can try to make this lovely golden bracelet in no time.

You will need:
– curb link bracelet;
– embroidery thread in what color you would like;
– bobby pins;
– scissors.

Directions: Take the thread and prepare 2 different lines, each one composed of 15 strands. Each strand should be 4 times the length of the bracelet. Make a knot between the two strands at their ends and with the help of the bobby pins, slip one strand around the first chain of the bracelet. You will try to make moves like you are braiding and the bobby pins will help you to move the thread more easily through the chains (you can see the moves in the pictures). After you have reached the last chain make another knot and cut the left thread with the scissors. Voila, you have a new and beautiful handmade accessory to wear!

Chic Accessory - DIY Bracelet

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