The downside of a blunt pencil eyeliner is that you can’t use it anymore if you don’t sharpen it with a sharpener.The worst scenario is when you buy a new one and you want to use it and the top just breaks. If you don’t have another one, no worries, we have a quick solution for you that you can use until you go and buy a sharpener. This trick will make the pencil to have more like a liquid look when applied on the lids so it might be a great replacement for an empty liquid liner bottle or gel.

Blunt Eyeliner Trick

What you will need:
– a candle or a source of fire and some matches;
– your blunt pencil;
– a thin angled brush.

1. Light the candle with some matches.
2. Put the pencil over the flame until it burns the wood a little bit and melts the crayon.
3. Wait a little until the composition of the pencil gets to the right temperature, you don’t want to apply the color while it is still hot and you definitely don’t want to burn yourself.
4. When it reached the right temperature use the brush to transfer some of the product to your eyelids starting from the inner corners, all the way to the outer corners.
5. Let it dry and voila, you will see awesome results! This is an awesome trick to use and will save you in those difficult times!

Photo courtesy: thewearabelle.

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