Effective Hacks To Start Saving Money On Your Beauty Products

No doubt, testing new looks and toying with makeup is fun but it is so much more fun doing it without leaving a hefty dent in your budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money on beauty products – no matter the price range of your favorite cosmetics. Here you have it: simple yet incredibly effective hacks to start paying less right away!

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1. Do Not Buy On A Whim

Of course, this is the rule of thumb when it comes to shopping in general, however, unless you are not a Hollywood A-list celeb, you hardly can buy a car or a house on a whim – but you certainly can go on a makeup shopping spree. Well, do not make this common mistake, always research the offering and carefully read trusted reviews of products you have never tried before but are desperate to buy.

A smart and attractive marketing campaign may easily mislead you and trick you into paying money for something that will not fulfil your expectations or meet your needs. So, buy wisely.

2. Join The Club

Nowadays, loyalty is rewarded and many brands and companies do not hide their desire to say sincere thank you to their devoted customers. One of the most advantageous ways to get more bang for your buck comes in the form of the best beauty subscriptions that can be found online.

Perfect fit for virtually anyone who is interested in cosmetics, skincare, or haircare, those terrific boxes can be delivered to your address once a month or all year round, letting you try a wide range of new products for free or at a very affordable price.

In short, $10 you spend on a beauty box is likely to prevent you from spending $50 during your next shopping session. Another benefit is a broad range of combinations, so you can always choose the one that suits your wants and budget.

3. Keep Track Of Your Beauty Supplies

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It is easy to overspend when you do not actually know what you already have at home. Make sure to take a closer look at your current collection of beauty products every time you are plotting to get something new. Chances are, you will be highly surprised to discover in the makeup drawer that fancy lipstick you bought just recently but haven’t had an opportunity to wear.

4. Slow Down To Wait For A Better Deal

When shopping online, try to leave the items you’ve selected and added to the cart overnight, do not hurry with checking out. In the majority of cases, you will soon get a friendly reminder to finish your purchase and take advantage of a freebie or a small yet pleasant discount.

5. Buy Bigger Packages When Available

Naturally, it is a piece of great advice but only for products you know and use on a regular basis. The package itself often makes a pretty big part of the price, that’s why larger ones are so budget-friendly.

Also, when the same product comes in differently shaped containers, always check out the real weight or volume – the look can be misleading, forcing you to think that the smaller container is a bigger one and vice versa.

6. Recycle To Save On New Goodies

Some cosmetics brands encourage their customers to help save our beautiful planet, allowing them to return empty containers in exchange for a discount or a sought-after freebie. Take a look at the policy of your favorite brand to figure out whether it provides such a great possibility.

7. No Rush With Throwing Tubes And Bottles Away

Do not hurry to throw the bottles and tubes away, because every container that looks empty has something left inside, and that something may be just enough for another two or even three uses. Simply take the scissors and cut them to scrape every tiny bit of your lotion, cream, or whatever is in the tube or bottle.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

8. Use Hot Water To Refresh Liquid Makeup

It is an old hack and a fast and easy way to give your liquid makeup a new life. Simply tap the entire container into the small bowl or mug filled with hot water and witness a miracle transformation. Acting as a kind of magic wand, hot water will return the desired consistency to your mascara, lip liners, or other liquid products.

Apart from these effective hacks that are able to save you a lot of hard-earned money on your favorite makeup, you can also take advantage of the mother nature gifts and replace some overly expensive products with natural counterparts that can be found in every household. Try coconut oil as a makeup remover or cinnamon oil for a stunning lip-plumping effect.

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