What Is Acne On Your Body Telling About Your Health

A lot of people treat acne the same way no matter where on the body it appears. It is true that a lot of creams and gels work well, but the root cause of the acne can be treated differently depending on where exactly on the body does it appear. Every region corresponds to certain major problems which give certain ways to treat it. You will find out here the main sources of why acne appears on certain areas on your body and it will be a good point for you to start with the treatment of it by taking in consideration the root cause of acne on each body region. Our body will always try to communicate with us, we just have to listen. So, lets find out about what acne can tell us!

What Is Acne On Your Body Telling About Your Health

What is acne on your body telling about your health:

Zone 1 – Hormones
Corresponds to the neck and can tell you that you have an overdrive of adrenal glands or you might have been exposed to too much sugar or stress. Wearing shirts with collars can accentuate them or even having greasy hair can make them multiply.
Zone 2 and 3 – Stress
Correspond to shoulders and it means you have been overstressed, sensitive to outer stimulus or you can check if your handbag didn’t cause too much friction and irritated the area.
Zone 4 – The Digestive System
Corresponds to chest area and acne here usually means you might have an overgrowth of yeast in the body and digestive system, poor diet, bad eating habits or you wear clothes that are not breathable so your pores doesn’t get enough air.
Zone 5 and 6 – Levels of Vitamins
Correspond to your arms and acne here appears in forms of “fake goosebumps”. An overproduction of dead cells at the hair follicle level or even a poor blood circulation can cause them. You have to get a check to see how well your body absorbs vitamins and minerals so you know you are not dealing with a malabsorption. Other things you can do is to exfoliate more often the area with salicylic acid.
Zone 7 – Blood Sugar Levels
Corresponds to the belly area and it mostly tells you have a high blood sugar or you wear tight fitting clothes. Cases of acne on this area are very rare though, even in these conditions.
Zone 8 – Hygiene or Beauty Procedures
Corresponds to your pelvic and genital area and acne here can be a result of waxing or shaving. In some cases might show a poor hygiene or some sort of STD. Follow when do they appear and if you notice them after shaving or waxing it is normal, if they are there all the time you should ask yourself more questions about them.
Zone 9 and 10 – Allergies or Skin Sensitivities
Correspond to your tights and usually they appear as a result to some sort of allergies to detergents and beauty products like shower gels or soaps. Sometimes, just like as for zone 8, the causes can be waxing or shaving. In this case, products with salicylic acid (BHA) or glycolic acid (AHA) are good.
Zone 11 and 12 – Digestive and Nervous System
Correspond to the middle and lower back area which can show acne there mostly from sweating reasons. Not enough sleep and a poor diet can show up there and what you can do is to check these first and correct them. Watch out clothes that are too tight and make sure you get enough sleep.
Zone 13 and 14 – Digestive System
Correspond to your butt cheeks and as you can see what you eat really matters and the digestive system can cause problems on a lot of areas on your body under the form of acne. Acne in this area shows a poor digestive system or wearing dirty underwear that is not breathable, especially if you are a person who sweats a lot in that area.

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