Beautiful Summer Bracelets – DIY

Summer is the perfect time of the year for wearing colorful clothes and accessories. Bright colors go great with tanned skin and obviously a happy mood. For that reason we decided to show you a way you can transform some simple and ordinary bracelets into cheery and cute summer bracelets that you will want to keep on even when you sleep. You can find all the necessary things in thrift shops, so you won’t need to spend a fortune on them. You can also make these bracelets to offer them as gifts to your best friends!

What you will need:
– old bangles;
– bright colored thread or thin yarn (in the colors you want);
– strong adhesive;
– split rings and charms;
– a few toothpicks;
– scissors.

1. Take one bangle and one toothpick and put some adhesive on any point on the bracelet (this will be where you start).
2. Take the yarn and start winding it around the bracelet until you have covered the whole area. Now, the bracelet should be covered all over by the new yarn.
3. Seal again with adhesive when you finished winding around and cut the excess down with the scissors. Make sure that at this point the adhesive is dry before going to the next step.
4. Take the rings and charms and attach a few to the bracelet.
5. Repeat this process to make the other bracelets.
6. Wear at least 2-3 at a time and enjoy your new fashionable accessories!


Photo courtesy: honestlywtf.

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