Beautiful Heart and Zebra Nail Art – DIY

You have probably seen lots of tutorials online on how to make zebra nails or how to make heart nails but we are sure you haven’t seen one that has both of them combined together. Get ready to see something beautiful, cute and girlish. You will be amazed to see how easy is this to make and you probably think you need some skills to make the heart but it is not true, we will show you how to easily make it by connecting a few dots and that’s it.

What you will need:

– green nail polish;
– black nail polish for nail art;
– pink nail polish for nail art;
– white nail polish for nail art.


1. Apply 2 layers of green nail polish on your nails and let them dry very well.

2. Make 4 dots with black polish on each and every nail as you can see in the pictures.

3. Connect the dots one by one, then create the curves of the heart.

4. Fill in the shape with the black polish and let it dry well because you will add pink over it and you don’t want them both to mix together.

5. Make random zebra lines with the pink polish and be careful not to reach out from the black area.

6. Outline the heart with the white nail polish and your manicure is ready!


Photo courtesy: onglesdecoration.

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