Bat Halloween Costume – DIY

Halloween Costume -

Here is an amazing idea inspired by Evilmadscientist about how to make a bat Halloween costume with stuff from around the house.

You will need:
– black umbrella;
– a black hoodie;
– needle and thread;
– pins;
– pliers;
– scissors;
– cutting plier.

Directions: Place the umbrella on the work surface and unscrew the top of it. Use a cutting plier to remove the short wires that hold the ribs. Clip off two ribs opposite each other, and save them for ear frames. Split the umbrella in half down the seam previously occupied by those ribs. Cut off extraneous rib parts. Pin the umbrella halves to the sleeves and sides of the sweatshirt, starting at the armpits. Sew the umbrella on, leaving a gap in the armpit for the rib ends to poke through. Trim off the extra flaps of material straight across from the bottom of the sweatshirt to just before the point where the bottom rib is attached. Take the two ribs you clipped off and construct the ears using the triangles of material. Attach the ears on the hoodie’s hood. Enjoy!

Halloween Costume diy 1
Halloween Costume diy 2
Halloween Costume diy 3
Halloween Costume diy 4
Halloween Costume diy 5
Halloween Costume diy 6
Halloween Costume diy 7
Halloween Costume diy 8
Halloween Costume diy 9
Halloween Costume diy 10
Halloween Costume diy 11

Photo courtesy: Evilmadscientist.

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