Reuse Old T-shirts To Create A Braided Rug – DIY

We are sure many of you have old, forgotten t-shirts in their closets and because t-shirts are worn no matter the season it is normal to have a big stack of them at home. Sometimes you might not even need many so for those who want to have a little fun and in the same time reuse things they have forgotten about we have this beautiful and creative diy project. You don’t have to be an expert in crocheting to make this and it definitely won’t take you much time. In a couple of hours, depending on your crocheting skills, you will turn a few t-shirts into a beautiful rug for your bathroom or house! See the directions, the images and the video below to find the procedure.

What you will need:

– several old t-shirts in the colors you desire (around 10-15, depending on the size you want);
– scissors;
– a crochet hook.


1. After you have prepared everything you need to have at hand you will start with cutting your T-shirts.

2. Begin cutting each one from the base in a long, 1 inch stripe (you go around the t-shirt from the base all the way up)

3. After you have done this with all, connect the ends on the fabric together as you can see in the pictures. Here you have to be careful how you connect the colors because this will determine the way your rug will look and remember this is a one stitch crochet rug.

4. Start crocheting until you build up the desired size for the rug then seal it.

5. Enjoy your new piece of decoration in your house!

Reuse Old T-shirts To Create A Braided Rug - DIY

Photo courtesy: 1dogwoofuntrendylife.

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