Things To Consider Before Buying a Vintage Rug

Whether you are an experienced vintage or antique buyer or a newcomer to the field seeking for clarification, this guide will provide helpful tips on what to look out for before you purchase a vintage rug.

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Where to find vintage rugs?

Believe it or not but the best vintage rugs available are actually in flea markets. A lot of start-up businesses will find absolute gems just walking round the vendors and picking up a rug or two. It is slightly more time consuming but ultimately much more satisfying, a lot more fun and cheaper than using rug dealers.

When is a rug considered vintage not antique?

There can often be a fine line between a classic bargain buy and something that is falling apart and had its day, especially for the untrained eye. The ideal balance is something slightly distressed and worn but not totally ravaged and torn to pieces. You will come across both of these when searching amongst vintage and antique items and rugs in particular.

Vintage is classed as anything within the last 30 years whilst antique covers any item at least 100 years old so there is quite a difference between the two.

Can I trust vendors when it comes to pricing?

This is particularly difficult as you will always encounter people trying to rip you off for self gain in any walk of life but it is especially prevalent when dealing with market traders. If you show any naivety when browsing or questioning then you are likely to be exploited. Be careful with your chosen words and indeed your body language or a dodgy dealer will spot an opportunity to flog you some rubbish or to inflate a price tag.

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How do I avoid this?

You’ll never be completely free of price inflation, at the end of the day these traders have to make a living. Trust your judgement and often your gut feeling will see you right. The vital aspect is to budget sensibly and accurately from your own financial perspective before you even leave the house so you know the rough or even precise figure you will be spending.

Once you arrive at the market, do not budge on it. If you see a rug you love but are not sure then always fall back on your set budget figures to guide you and don’t get swayed by your eyes or your heart when searching for the ideal vintage rug.

Other considerations

  • Materials: silk is available but mist vintage rugs are 100% wool and are more affordable;
  • Smell: don’t be put off if it pongs a bit. It’s old and has been in a marketplace for a while. It just needs a spring clean;
  • Sizing: Too big or too small will ruin the effect. Make sure it fits the room its intended for;
  • Cleaning: vacuuming is vital. Avoid too much water as it is damaging and do not leave it on the floor to dry.

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