Pretty Bow Scarf – DIY

Pretty Bow Scarf - DIY

Here we have an amazing idea for a perfect surprise if you have a little girl that lights up your life, and why not, maybe even for you, if you are a big fan of bows: Bow Scarf.

You will need:
– sewing machine;
– two colored scarf (in this case it is mustard).

Directions: Make one long scarf out of the two you have, and trim the tassels from the ends that you sew together. Create a few loops by sewing the scarf to itself (you may see it pictured). Now all you have to do is flatten the loops and tie a string around the middle of it. You can make as many bows as you like, using even more scarfs. This depends on how you want the final product to look like. It is really easy, and your child’s face will make a priceless image. Have fun!


Photo courtesy: rufflesandstuff.

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