Nail Polish and Color Therapy

Did you ever wondered what is the link between nail polish and color therapy? What a weird question, but we all know that colors influence our moods and the way we feel. Lots of times, when we enter a new house and we are hit by the interior design and the colors used for decorating, we are hit by certain feelings. The same works for nail polish.

Have you noticed that when you wear red you are more passionate and more confident? Or when you wear yellow it’s like giving you a smiling vibe and an energy boost? Influence your moods with the help of nail polish and look into the infographic down below to know why and when to wear what colors so you can harmoniously make a link between beauty and moods. And if you have never thought about this or you are skeptic, try to remember periods when you were wearing a certain color and think of the moods you had then.

You will find out that everything is connected.

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Nail Polish and Color Therapy

Photo courtesy: thismuseistaken.

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