Men’s Fashion Guide For Dressing In Summer

Summer is a difficult period of the year for men who love to wear suits. To look like a true gentleman can be challenging as clothing items have to be picked carefully in order to keep a well maintained and elegant image. When it’s cold it’s easy: white shirt, black suit, and quality shoes are always a win, but what about summer? What should men wear in summer? How can someone look elegant while showing more skin? Let’s find out in the below article. Also, what are the options men have when comes to clothing is summer? We will also address that.
For a man to make a good impression and to be respected he must take good care of his image, for this he has to pick carefully his shirts, jackets, trousers, footwear and accessories. We will break down all the big five categories and explain each one of them and in the same time will give some general grooming guidelines.

General Grooming Guidelines For Summer:
1. A man should be clean – first of all, before putting any clothes on, a gentleman is showered and smells fresh. He uses antiperspirant and deodorant, never wears stained clothes, his hair is cut and well maintained. His beard is shaved or well taken care of with specific oils and gels.
2. A man should wear light fabrics – light colored fabrics and breathable materials will help a man feel comfortable. Dark colors absorb light and this can make a man sweat more, so for that reason a long sleeved white shirt is a better choice than a black polyester t-shirt.
3. A man should keep things minimal – he should wear a few items and all of them should be of a very high quality.

Men’s Fashion Guide For Dressing In The Summer:
1. Upper body menswear
Depending on the occasion a man can chose between t-shirts, short sleeved polo’s, button-down short sleeves and long sleeved shirts. T-shirts are great for sporty activities and going to the gym while short sleeved polo t-shirts are great for casual day outfits. A button down short sleeve is a more elegant choice but it is a little tricky to create a “great look” with it, that is why it is not recommended for special events. For all the special events the best choice is the long sleeved shirt which is definitely the most elegant option of all (the simpler, the better). For anyone who sweats a lot, having all the time an extra shirt for change is a good idea.

Men’s Fashion Guide For Dressing In Summer
2. Jackets
Special events in summer require special clothing so the jackets can’t be missing from the summer wardrobe. Weddings and all kinds of outdoor parties require a professional presentation. The perfect summer jackets are made of cotton and are breathable. Other materials recommended are: seersucker (an indian fabric) that allows air to move easily through it and linen (similar to cotton) that has the properties to wick away moisture and dissipate heat. No matter what type of jackets, the ones that are unlined on the inside are always the best for summer!

Summer Jackets
3. Lower body menswear
When it comes to lower body wear there are various options a man can choose from and they are: shorts, jeans, chinos and trousers. Shorts are casual wear, sports wear and beachwear. Shorts are not recommended to be worn in public if a man wants to keep a gentleman image. They should be made of cotton so they are breathable. To be worn in public, mens shorts should be at least knee length. Jeans are perfect for casual evening wear, but in the sun there is a problem with them as they trap heat and cause sweating. Chinos are great for evening wear and are more breathable than jeans. For the elegant events and special occasions, elegant trousers are recommended. Made of wool or cotton, they are the best choice of any gentleman.

summer men  pants
4. Footwear
For the footwear, choices are: sandals, sneakers, boat shoes, loafers and moccasins. Sandals are the most informal type of footwear and should be worn accordingly. Sneakers go great with shorts and are great to be worn during the day as they are quite breathable. Boat shoes can be worn sockless and go great with chinos. Loafers and moccasins are best to be worn in the evenings with the proper clothing to match them.

5. Accessories
In summer, men should wear hats. Simple, day hats offer protection from the sun and are breathable. Stylish hats are the perfect accessory to go with a suit. There are various styles of hats a man can choose from: Panamas, Straw Fedoras, Tilleys, and Linen Caps. A man should make sure the material the hat is made from is completely breathable and high quality. Also, it has to fit perfectly on the head.


In summer it is always great for a man to have extra clothes with him that he can use just in case he needs to change. Also, a handkerchief is great to have in the pocket to help remove any sweat. We hope this quick guide was useful for many of our male readers and not only!

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