Kiss Me Lip Sweatshirt – DIY

Combine comfort with being chic with this beautiful kiss me lip sweatshirt. If you are the practical type of woman, who likes to be comfortable most of the times, or you just want a chic piece of sweatshirt to wear at home or at the gym, you can try to make this creative fashion tutorial. You can use pink paint or red paint, but if you want to go after more bold colors, you can go for a neon green or yellow too.

Kiss Me Lip Sweatshirt - DIY

What you will need:
– sweatshirt;
– lip stencil;
– tulip fabric paint;
– tulip sponge pouncers;
– cardboard;
– wax paper;
– hot pink glitter;
– fabric glue;
– x-acto knife for the lip;
– tape;
– scissors.

1. Print out the lip design you want, in the dimension you want and with the help of the x-acto knife cut out the stencil.
2. Cut off the collar of your sweatshirt and place the cardboard inside of it so when you will do the painting it doesn’t go through the material to the other side.
3. Tape the stencil down to fix it in the desired position and put some paint on the wax paper.
4. Take the sponge pouncers and add some paint to them, then apply the paint to the fabric.
5. After you have finished with the color, put some fabric glue over it and then sprinkle some glitter on the edge to give a 3D effect.
6. Let the paint dry for at least 5 hours, then shake the glitter off.
7. Leave for another 48 to 72 hours to dry well until you wash it and you are ready to wear it!

Photo courtesy: wobisobi.

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