Beautiful Crochet Idea: Peacock Feathers

Around the world, young and old, men and women enjoy this calming activity : knitting or crochet. Many, though, find difficulties deciding what kind of pattern they have to do next. Basic patterns like flowers are no longer challenging, and you may want to do something even more aesthetically pleasing! Then, a pattern that will surely pique your interest is peacock feather pattern.

Basically, peacock feather appliqué applies the extravagant colors you can find in peacock feathers. Known as the most beautiful bird in the world, peacocks’ stunning feathers are simply impressive and it’s a perfect choice for your next crocheted item.
This pattern works best when is applied to a crochet blanket that will keep you warm and looking great. If done correctly, the peacock feathers pattern will stand out and will resemble a real-life peacock.

To begin with, let’s see what materials you will need to create this masterpiece. First, if you are familiar with crochet, you may grab your basic needs. If you want some color ideas you can use either 3 colors: purple, green, and blue or you can use Worsted Weight yarn in 4 colors : grape, blue mint, bone and pistachio. You will also need a size H hook, yarn needles, and scissors. The gauge would be using H hook and materials listed feather should be about 4” tall and 3” wide.

The most important part, however, would be on how to crochet them accordingly so the peacock feathers pattern can come to life. Here ‘s a tutorial video on how to do so (see video below) or check out the pattern.

In conclusion, if you are someone who’s very keen when it comes to crochet or similar activities and is in a constant search of a unique pattern, you may want to try this peacock’s feather pattern. A perfect gift for animal lovers, or even for personal use, this appliqué can be used anywhere and still remains beautiful.

Crochet Peacock Feathers

Photo courtesy: Craftsy; LivingTheCraftLife.

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