The Fastest Way to Wrap Gifts – Japanese Gift Wrapping Hack

Japan is a country well-known for its impressive efficiency; so it shouldn’t surprise you that so many people are interested in the viral Japanese gift wrapping hack that shows just how efficient the Japanese workers are. Now, we all know gift wrapping is no easy task. If you’re not into arts and crafts, then you must have known the struggle of wrapping gifts; which is why most of us prefer to pay and get it done by gift-wrappers.

That’s probably why a customer from Japan’s Takashimaya Department Store decided to entrust the gift-wrapping task to a worker working there. And boy, who would have thought it’s actually possible for someone to wrap a gift in 12 seconds. Yes, 12! That means in a minute, he would be able to wrap around 5 gifts; while we probably need around 10 to 15 minutes to wrap one.

But don’t worry; everything can be done if you learn hard enough. The gift-wrapping technique was filmed by YouTube user Todd Tripp and has earned over 15 million views since it was uploaded almost 3 years ago:

But in case you find the video too fast for you to follow, relax! YouTube channel Beat the Bush did the favor; analyzing the hack and make it much simpler for us to follow.

Basically, all you had to do is to make sure you have the wrapping paper cut in the right size; not too big and not too small. Instead of just wrapping it vertically, or horizontally like we are used to, you want to position your box in the middle, diagonally. Make sure that all edges of the box can be covered by the wrapping paper. What’s next? For a more detailed instruction, you can watch the Japanese Gift Wrapping Hack Explained video below. It’s not done in an exact same way just like the Takashimaya gift-wrapper, but the video breaks down all the details and it’s very easy to follow each step.

Let us know whether you have tried using this method and how did it work out!

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