Simple DIY Crafts That Might Interest You

Simple, easy, DIY projects can be fun, a fantastic way to learn new skills, a great way to enjoy arts and crafts, as well as to get creative! Furthermore, DIY improves problem-solving skills, enhances communication between those working together, and builds relationships!

Exploring new methods, techniques, and styles of creating art is the ultimate form of creativity! If you love just crafting around, there are incredible resources online to help you get started with various forms of arts and crafts. But, if you’re overwhelmed at the plethora of web pages offering tutorials, and want to get stuck into your next DIY project, here are some ideas for you to get started.

1. Bookmarks and cards

Photo by aisvri on Unsplash

Both bookmarks and cards are a simple, yet beautiful gift for a friend – or to yourself! For the bookmarks, one easy DIY project is to use sewing elastic and to stitch or glue different handmade objects onto it. An arrow, for example, can point in the direction of the page you’re reading. You can also get creative by attaching a fabric shape, like a printed dress or multicolored fabric hearts. Each time you open your book, you will love seeing your wrapped page holder!

Non-elastic ideas for bookmarks can also work easily for cards! For example, design your page to include dipped painted leaves. When you are ready, dip the leaves into various colored paints and press the leaves onto your paper.

If you’re thinking of a special homemade gift for a loved one and you have some time to prepare, pick some beautiful flowers or leaves from your garden or when you next go on a walk-in nature. Again, this idea is perfect for the front cover of a card or a bookmark! Select the paper you want (perhaps colored will be lovely), and put down your leaves and flowers in the shapes and design you choose.

Use a rolling pin to press the flowers down lightly, then gently cover with a piece of wax paper, careful not to disturb your pattern. Press down and store between some heavy books for the next couple of days. Open your floral creations with great care and give gifts to your friends or family!

2. Wire photo holder

A fantastic idea to pin up those photos you’ve been meaning to print off your phone is to get hold of some concrete. After mixing together and getting the right pouring consistency, pour the mixture into a silicone ice tray and insert a coiled wire (for you to place your photos into) into each tray. You can also use a paperclip as the photo holder. Make sure to insert the clip or wire into the concrete while it’s still wet, keeping sure it’s in the center of each tray until it can balance on its own.

Take a look online for further inspiration to make colored wire stands, differently shaped cement blocks, and even painted stands. Place photos and notes in the holder, and enjoy!

3. Birdseed Ornaments

If you enjoy feeding birds in your garden – or if you’d like to make special gifts for your neighbor or friend’s garden, this one’s for you! Using a non-harmful bird seed cracker recipe online, you can mix together your ingredients for a wonderful, nutritious snack for your feathered friends.

You can use store-bought birdseed, sunflower seeds, peanuts, dried fruit, and more. Use cookie-cutters for different shapes and ensure before your cookies are left to dry that you insert a hole for tying a piece of yarn through. Hang up somewhere in your garden and enjoy watching the birds that come to taste your crackers!

4. Colorful Bunting

Here you can create bunting for a friend’s birthday or just add some color to your bedroom!

After acquiring the colored wax crayons you’d like to use, grate the wax and put the shavings in different bowls. Using wax paper that you’ve cut into triangle-shapes, spread the colored wax over the paper – creating patterns of combining your favorite colors. Place another triangle over each one, and gently, iron over the triangles to seal and heat the wax. Stitch your triangles together, use a glue gun and ribbon or simply use masking tape. Hang and enjoy!

5. Origami Crafts

Photo by pastadepaper on Pixabay

If you have never tried origami, it might be your favorite on this list! Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. And with the tradition being hundreds of years old, there are endless objects, animals, and shapes that you can create – using colored paper, plain, or even newspaper.

Search online to start with some classic shapes, like an origami boat, swallow, crane, pinwheel, or lotus flower. You can give these smaller figures to your friends or collect them. Plus, the better you become, the more complex your art is. Today, there are much larger origami figures you can create, such as flower pot covers, wall murals, and ceiling décor. Try it out if you’re curious, it’s a fantastic skill to show off to your friends.

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