YouTubers to Watch if You’re a College Student

Aren’t you tired of all the click-baiting, over-the-top-screaming YouTube personas? We’re tired too, but we know that there is quality content on YouTube, you just have to look for it! We have searched through YouTube to find awesome channels, which are perfect for both high schoolers and college students.

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1. Brooklyn and Bailey

Commencing the rundown with a powerful duo that amassed about 7,000,000 supporters on their channel. The twins, Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, who currently go to Baylor University in Waco, Texas, started making content in 2013. They proceeded with their YouTube venture as they chose to video blog their school lives. Their channel incorporates everything that we know and love about YouTube.

They film everything, from insane difficulties and tricks to DIY instructions to music, etc. Brooklyn and Bailey are usually an introductory channel for a lot of YouTube beginners. Brooklyn and Bailey have enough recordings to keep anybody quarantined in the house laughing for quite a long time.

2. Yoora Jung

Made by Yoora Jung her senior year of secondary school in 2017, this channel presently principally comprises of school video blogs. As a pre-medical understudy at the University of Notre Dame, Jung built up a playlist committed completely to the education. Her videos encompass subjects from life on the pre-medical course to going to parties.

So, fundamentally, all the things that you could anticipate from a run of the mill undergrad path. On Jung’s channel, she communicates in English and Korean and creates both captions. Her playlist of Korea touring video blogs likewise sticks out. The videos allow people to vicariously live through her and her experiences in Seoul.

3. Syd’s Vids

Run by Penn State University understudy Sydney Asencio, Syd’s Vids turned up on YouTube in 2015. Syd’s channel earned more than 600,000 followers with more than 200 video blogs and essays of her gradually growing as a person. Her video blogs presently generally center around her school path: how she attends lectures, how she deals with being an essay writer, etc.
Syd’s video blogs exhibit her most true self (this being surely the best part about them).

Her channel presents to us an ordinary, magnetic young girl who stays aware of the most recent trends, all the while keeping it genuine. This unquestionably ensures her status as one of the top YouTube personas for undergrads.

4. Danielle Marie Carolan

College of Georgia undergrad Danielle Marie Carolan serves as your go-to for anything school- and apparel-related. Carolan’s channel includes an assortment of video styles, from her way of living video blogs to style exploration, takes on self-beautification, to Q&A’s.

Every one of her recordings is super stylish, satisfying, and fun. Carolan stays open to what the life can offer and real with her crowd, consolidating that with diverse video blogs. The entirety of this obviously immensely touches her followers, making this one of the top YouTube channels to be worthy of joining.

5. Brooke Miccio

Next up, University of Georgia alumni Brooke Miccio. Circumstantially, she and the previous YouTube persona are, in actuality, friends, and the regularly team up on a webcast together. Her most beloved thing to record was her graduation week due to all of the feelings she lived through. She was crying, happy, satisfied, and all of it was recorded into a video journal that she constantly thinks back to and reflects upon.

Miccio posted video blogs archiving her going through school, including an amazing school experience review video she posted after graduating. After finishing her studies, she keeps on making and posting video blogs about her post-graduate life and encounters. Her recordings make a marvelous guide for those preparing to finish their ending semester at school.

6. Margot Lee

With over 500,000 followers, Margot Lee’s channel gives you a tad of everything. She posts about ways of living, wellbeing, design, and, obviously, school. Lee moved on from Syracuse University the previous spring and posted more than 50 video blogs about her time there.

She makes the entire thought of school life significantly less difficult and all the more captivating. Young undergrads regularly discover her picking up on tons of new and up-and-coming video trends, as they begin to emerge.

Remarkably, Lee, as of late, posted a Q&A web conference meeting with individual Syracuse undergrads to assist the high school graduates who can’t visit the university in-person due to the quarantining measures.

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Right now is the perfect time for a young student to chill out and enjoy what the internet has to offer. The quarantining measures are still more or less in place; the homework is done; so, why not?

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