Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Hair

Keep your hair in good condition and you’ll smile when you look in the mirror. For a good care of your hair please consider the tips below and make it look shiny and smooth:

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1. Get Enough Nutrients and Vitamins

Protein is vital for overall health and that includes the strength of your hair. Eat lean proteins like chicken, milk, eggs and fish. A diet that is full of healthful sources of iron is excellent for your hair as well, so make an effort to eat more foods like beans, spinach, broccoli and turkey.

Using vitamins, supplements and Nu Image hair loss product can be helpful as well. Look for brands that have adequate amounts of zinc and vitamins A, E, D, and B (especially biotin).

2. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

You might be used to washing your hair daily to feel clean. However, shampooing your hair every day can remove protective oils and cause your hair to become dehydrated and brittle. Unless your hair is very oily, wash it every other day.

3. Choose the Best Conditioner for Your Hair

If you are African American and you have natural hair, then shop for conditioners that are rich in argan oil and shea butter. People with relaxed hair should consider using a hair mask to counteract the damaging effects of chemical relaxers.

Those who color their hair should use a conditioner that is specifically designed for color-treated hair. It is important to find a conditioner that does not contain sulfates.

If your hair is dry and frizzy, select a hydrating or smoothing conditioner. These are usually good for curly hair as well. It could also be beneficial to use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair at least once per week.

On the other hand, if your hair is oily, you should avoid those kinds of conditioners. Instead, buy a lightweight conditioner that is formulated to add volume to your hair.

4. Brush and Dry Your Hair Gently

After you take a shower, it is vital to be careful when brushing your hair. A regular brush can weaken wet hair, so use a wide-tooth comb instead. If you towel-dry your hair, do not rub your hair with the towel. Use an absorbent towel to wrap and carefully squeeze your hair.

5. Avoid Applying Heat

Blow dryers and flat irons can cause split ends and frizz. Let your hair air-dry whenever you can. If you must use heat on your hair, use a cream or serum that is designed to protect your hair from heat.

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