15 Valentine’s Day Gifts Men Want

Valentine’s Day can be both a happy and at the same time, stressful day. Happy, for the obvious reasons, spending time with your loved one; but stressful if you haven’t yet decided what to get your special one. We hope we could be a bit of a help – with this list of Valentine’s gifts men want. And they’re not necessarily only for your partner! They could also work for your father, brother, close friend, or co-workers. Let’s see what’s on the list!

1. Latitude and longitude customizable bracelet

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If the person you have in mind often wears accessories like bracelets, this gift would definitely be perfect for him. The customizable bracelet can include the latitude and longitude of your special day – first date, first kiss, wedding place, place of proposal, or even where you two first met. While to others it might be just random numbers, if he knows the meaning, it surely would put a smile on his face.

2. Custom labels

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If you want something simple and candid, simply work on some custom labels for bottles, snacks, or any other item. Simple love quotes like, “I love you” or “Thanks for being the best ____”, “I’m glad I met you”, and many others would suffice.

3. Bottle opener ring

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Again, if your special someone often wears rings, then try to gift him this metal ring. It’s just not any metal ring – in fact this ring can also act as a bottle opener. A boys-night-out wouldn’t be complete without several bottles of beer, so the ring would come in handy!

4. Bike-chain frame

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He’s a big fan of bikes? Turn old bike-chain to this vintage, aesthetic photo frame. It’s a DIY project – which means it’s one-of-a-kind and that makes it extra special!

5. City map glass

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What you drink is important, but where you drink it from can be as important. If your loved man is a lover of liquor, then this glass etched with your city’s distinct grid would be a cute, uncommon gift.

6. Deep sea sand art

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If his 9 to 5 desk work is boring him out, then this simple sand art can take the stress out and make the desk slightly more bearable, and appealing.

7. Pistachio pedestal

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We all know what men love – late night football show or just a casual hang-out with some friends. Some snacks are, obviously, a must. To make eating pistachio (or basically any kinds of treat) much easier with less mess, use this pistachio pedestal that can store discarded shells.

8. Travel 4-pack

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If he’s a frequent flier, these travel pouches would be just what he needs. Storing shoes, cables, dirty laundry, or chargers would no longer be stressful – plus he gets to remember you wherever he goes, even if you’re not physically around.

9. Personalized cutting board

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Men who cook are attractive. Gift your man this personalized cutting board – featuring your (and his) name. Preparing food can be twice the fun if he remembers who he cooks for.

10. Personalized mixtape pillow

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No, not the SoundCloud mixtape. If he’s a fan of classic tape, or even, The Guardians of the Galaxy series, this pillow would remind him of his favorite item. The nostalgic mixtape pillow can have your and his names printed.

11. Tasting Box Subscription

Next on the list – “subscription tasting box” by The Hatchery. Is your favorite man a foodie? Why not try signing him up for this? Each month, he’ll receive a box filled with a variety of sample-sized ingredients, a tasting guide, and a suggestion for recipes. Perfect for those who are interested in cooking.

12. Netflix and chill gift box

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You can get one from the The Gift Basket Gallery – or you can make one yourself. Binge-watch Netflix series while sharing a basket filled with sweet treats.

13. Beer kit

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Does he enjoy drinking beer? Why not give him the chance to make his own brew? The simple beer kit can be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift – and you will get taste his own, special brew. Win-win.

14. BBQ briefcase

If he’s more of an outdoor, social person who enjoys BBQ session, this BBQ briefcase set would make BBQ time more enjoyable. All things you need, after all, are packed and ready to bring.

15. Drones

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Last on our list is every men’s ultimate dream (and toy), drones. So far, the trend is greatly enjoyed by men of various backgrounds, and hey! Who can blame them? So while it’s true that drones can cause you an arm and a leg, if he enjoys outdoor sceneries, park dates, and high-tech toys, drones would be the perfect gift.

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