26 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with The One You Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you haven’t think of anything romantic then probably you should start now. But being romantic doesn’t come naturally to some people, which is why we have compiled several Valentine’s romantic ways. Beware, some might be too cringey for you – especially if you and your partner aren’t used to ~lovey dovey~ things, but hey! Valentine’s Day is only once a year, so why not try doing something different for once?

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1. Recreate your first date

Visit the place where both of you had your first date. Recreate the ambience and list your favourite things from last year. Share the list and reminisce your beautiful memories together. If it’s not too awkward, share your own feelings when having the first date.

2. Movie night

No, you don’t have to go to the cinema and huddle with tons of couples out there. Keep it simple; get packs of microwaveable popcorn or candy, and enjoy a simple yet romantic movie night. This is perfect for you movie buffs out there, plus it’s budget-friendly and definitely not too over the top. Bonus point if you let the other party choose the movie this time.

3. Custom-made book

Not just any book – write a book on reasons you love your partner. It’s a great confidence booster, plus it’d help you see their bright sides when getting into an argument. It also helps couple to focus on each other’s strengths and not weaknesses.

4. A massage

A simple, relaxing massage after a long day of work can be a blessing. If possible, prepare a warm bath (plus the bath bomb) to complete the treatment. Finish with a romantic movie!

5. Roses

Roses are always a great idea. To upgrade it, attach your future date plans – but make sure they’ll enjoy them! Remember, it’s about them – not you! So why don’t you try joining his or her favourite activity that you never joined before?

6. Romantic dinner

Yes, this is a cliché option – but nothing beats a romantic, classical Valentine dinner. Bonus point if you can keep the children away, and if you can prepare the dinner together. Wrap up with an intimate dance or a glass of wine.

7. In-house picnic

If you have no one to babysit your children or if you want to involve them, hold a simple picnic inside the house with take-outs and desserts. This helps strengthen the family bond, and help children to feel like they’re a part of the family.

8. Play with your food

No, we don’t mean you should destroy your dish. Instead, add romantic elements with the ingredients – like a heart-shaped pancake or ‘I Love You’ spelled with chocolate sauce.

9. Surprise lunch

Surprise your partner during work with a spontaneous lunch date. This would especially be perfect if your partner works in an office that allows them to go outside for lunch.

10. Valentine’s jar

The idea always work! Fill a jar with candies and love notes for your loved one.

11. Vacation day

It doesn’t have to be long – take a one day leave and enjoy Valentine’s Day together with your spouse. A simple dinner, a simple movie session, or a simple picnic at the park can be meaningful when spent together.

12. Poem

Frame a poem you write for your other half. Bonus point if it’s so good it puts Shakespeare to shame.

13. Postcard

Postcards are not outdated, so try sending a card postmarked in a town that has a romantic name.

14. Cyber day-off

Our daily lives can be so dominated by phones, computers, social media, and a bunch of tech stuffs. Take a day off from all cyber stress, and spend time actually talking and listening to one another.

15. Whole-day outing

Start with either a breakfast or lunch, then plan a whole-day date (may include watching a show, going to a sports game, or enjoying a cup of coffee)

16. Fill the fridge

A happy tummy equals a happy person. Pamper your other half by stocking the fridge with their favourite treats or beverages.

17. Breakfast in bed

Start the Valentine’s Day right with a romantic breakfast in bed. A simple cinnamon toast and a cup of warm milk, tea, or coffee can be a great way to kick off the day.

18. Romantic note

Post-its shouldn’t be just an office appliance – they can also be your romantic aide. Paste a romantic note on the bathroom mirror to brighten up your partner’s day first thing in the morning.

19. Private album

Spice things up a bit in your relationship by having a sensual photo-shoot then keep it in private photo album.

20. Have a special day or place

Declare a certain day or place ‘’yours”. Spend that day together, even if you both do nothing but stay together. And if you both have a special place, such as a favourite restaurant or bar, you can also spend ‘your’ day there.

21. Propose

Have you been dating for many years? Or do you feel it’s the right time to settle with him or her? Propose! Nothing is better than a surprise proposal.

22. Art gallery date

If either one or both of you are interested in arts, visit a museum, an art exhibition, or a gallery together.

23. A special lunch bag

Grabbing a lunch outside can be a habit, but try preparing a special lunch bag with a written napkin inside.

24. Photo in a frame

Yes, this sounds lazy – but photos are a good way to remember a beautiful memory. Frame a photo from your latest trip or of you two together and place it somewhere visible.

25. Iron their clothes

But don’t simply iron them – include a small, handwritten note on the pockets so when they fish out something from it, they can find your note!

26. Beach date

Do we need to say more? Beach dates are fun, affordable, and memorable. After a long day at the beach, you can take a warm bath together while chatting. Lovely!

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