Turn Old Jeans into a Chic Apron – DIY

Turn Old Jeans into a Chic Apron - DIY

Before the holidays we always clean our closets, and throw out a lot of old clothes. Just because of this particular moment of the year, being the month of offering gifts, we thought: why not reuse some of these old clothes, and make something suitable for a gift or even use it in person. Counting that the big holiday is close, and we have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, we got this idea of making an apron out of some old pair of jeans.

You will need:
– an old pair of jeans;
– sewing machine;
– a nice flower printed fabric for decorations.

Directions: Try to cut stripes out of the printed material (if possible on bias). You should obtain 3-5 long strips which you will iron so that they get up to ½ inch. For a perfect detail, you should measure this. This strips you should fold in half and iron it again. Next step is to cut the jeans, starting with a leg right underneath the back pocket. Cut out the back pocket entirely so that you can re-use it for the apron. Cut up the back straight line of the leg of the jeans. You might want to use an old apron, for the big shape of the fabric. Cut out the ties as long as you like. Now that you have all the pieces: the base of the apron, the pocket, the ties and the printed decorations, all you have to do is to assemble them. Have fun!

Photo courtesy: agirlandagluegun.

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  1. I have been sewing for years so I would know how to assemble the pieces for tha apron. For those who are new to sewing you left them hanging ending it by saying “simply assemble”. In your next DIY please include how to assemble.

  2. How do you assemble? Should have pictures showing each step for ones that dont know how to do wh as t you stating. Ones that are new to this

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