Turn a Sweater into Slippers – DIY

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If you have an old sweater that you no longer wear it, do not hesitate and turn it into some pretty slippers. Applying WeCanRedoIt‘s idea you will see the winter is not so cold as appears.

You will need:

– old sweater;
– felt;
– needle and thread;
– sewing machine;
– scissors;
– a piece of cardboard for pattern;
– pencil;
– chalk;
– double stick tape.

Directions: Trace your foot’s shape onto the carboard and cut it out. Then trace the pattern onto your pieces of felt. Cut out 4 shapes of felt: two for the soles and two for the midsoles. Now place the foot pattern onto the sweater with the heel 1 1/4 – 1 1/2″ away from the bottom edge of the sweater. Trace an arc around the pattern that is 1″ above the toes and then expands straight down. Cut out 2 pieces for both foots. For one foot: stick the piece of sweater between 2 felt pieces using double stick tape, then sew. To make the plug (the part of sweater that will be on the top of the foot) cut off each of the sleeves 5″ from the bottom and give it the form of an egg with a flattened base. Place the plug over top of the foot bed and sew around attaching the edges of the sweater piece that contains the felts. After that, make two snips on either side of the heel that go almost all the way to the felt. Fold them to form the back of the slipper and sew to ”close” the slipper. Add a collar to the moccasins, cutting two strips of sweater an sewing them around the top edges of the slippers. And Voila!

Sweater Moccasin-31

Photo courtesy: WeCanRedoIt.

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  1. I LOVE this idea. I have been wearing slippers from a certain company who has chosen not to make them for the last several years. After 5 years, they are lacking their original comfort. I can’t wait to make these. Hope I can find a sweater as cheerful as yours…

  2. As a knitter I must confess to cringing a little at the thought of destroying a sweater, but my hard-to- fit feet beg me to try this. cool.

  3. This is AWESOME, thanks so much! I used your pattern with a couple of modifications to make some doll slippers. Just THINK how many pairs I can get from just one sweater!

    As a sewer (person who doth sew), I delight in the fact that I can find fabric in many things. Old blankets, old shoes, jackets or purses, old sweaters…and I cut them up with glee.


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