Toe Nail Art Using Rhinestones


Applying Toe Nail Art can be fun and simple to do mostly to dry, clean and well-trimmed nails. And generally making it to short nails is the best because they are not likely to rub inside socks or shoes and not destroy the design. Separately from using nail polish, many women also use rhinestones to make sweet toe nails. The most simple shape used are round and teardrops forms because they are very adaptable in fashioning various designs.

You will need:
– nail base coat;
– nail top coat;
– nail polish in the colours you choose;
– nail glue;
– rhinestones.

Procedure: Apply base coat on your nails to help the nail polish go on easy and let it dry. Now, paint your nails with nail polish in the colours you choose. Use glue or self-adhesive backing to attach the rhinestones on your nails. End with a top coat to seal the design and protect it from scratches, chips and dings. Enjoy!

Toe Nail Art using rhinestones
Toe Nail Art using rhinestones 1

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