Shoes Don’t Lie – Check Out What’s Your True Personality

Shoes… It’s that one word that gets so many of us drooling! Stuck to that display window, with our mouths agape, we have been whisked away numerous times, only to find ourselves in that shop again, finally owning that pair that took our breaths away at first glance! And then there has to be a shoe for the office, for that evening out, for Sunday brunch, for walking the dog, for when you are sad, for when you are happy and oh, the shoe must compliment the dress too! All said and done, we all have an overflowing shoe-rack, with another one on its way and yet another one in the pipeline. That’s what we have to say about our shoes. But ever wondered what your shoes have to say about you? You’d be surprised to learn that, well; they say a lot about your innate personality and often define who you are at heart.

There are 6 basic shoe types (oh yeah, it’s not the million that you thought!), each showcasing a different side of you. Take a look!


1. The Wedge
Practical, fashionable, and fun; that’s you! You love to strut about town looking every bit the uptown girl, with confidence oozing out of your pores. Non-fussy, you can literally walk that extra mile to run errands, whilst never breaking your chic stride. Nothing can slow you down! Up for pranks, fun and an action-packed life, you are the social butterfly who is also the sweet girl-next-door!

2. The Ballet Flat
Oh yes, you know how to get your work done, right down to the basics. You are prone to pirouetting your way from one task to the next, with an impatience for anything that even minutely tries to retard your speedometer! With a single minded zeal, you approach work, relationships and your goals, rendering you an extremely loyal, tenacious and trustworthy individual!

3. The Pump
A little closed to the world, and a little fastidious, you revel in being enshrouded in mystery! And you damn well know how to get yourself heard, and with those heels clicking to the rhythm of the clock, you’d rather have them do the talk! Alerting the friend and the enemy from afar, you let them wait with bated breath as your shoes slowly announce your arrival, allowing them time to calculate and recalculate your purpose, and then victoriously you launch your attack! You are the siren of that board meeting and the centre of that party! Your aura ensures that people never forget you (or that seductive clicking of a gorgeous pump!)

4. The Heel
Not one to be shy of experimentation, your wardrobe is like a fairy land, with all the latest trends stocked up. You are fit, lithe and carry your confidence like your trendy mink fur. You love making a lasting impact, and want all the attention and love that the world has to offer (well, we all do, but you’re someone who can take pains to work towards it!) You can be quite the enchantress, and are usually the talk of the town!

5. The Sneaker
The cool kid on the block, you are everything fun, adventurous and zany! You view the world as your friend, are simple at heart, and can pull off a kick-ass look effortlessly without blowing a hole in your pocket! You love nature, and would rather have that date on a tree-house than in that high-end pub. Your ease and charm wins you many friends, and you are easily the most popular around!

6. The Sports Shoe
Without doubt, you have a figure to die for! You hate junk and are proper with your meals (but still dream about a pizza, which you sparingly indulge in!). You are the go-to fitness guru and believe in working hard and sweating out harder! You are an inherently happy person, who is bubbling with energy, enthusiasm and is a champion, both at and off work!

So, which one are you!?

Keep being AllDayChic!

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