How to Add a Personal Touch to the Decor Around Your Home

Decorating the home is a good way to add more livelihood to the living space. Being in your home should inspire feelings of comfort, and comfort can come from decor and decorations that mean something to you or feel unique to your style.

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Empty homes feel less inviting, so you need the right tips to add that personal touch and turn your home into a place that anyone would love to walk around in. These tips will help you determine what decor could work in your home.

1. Decorative plants

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Plants are more than just a gardening hobby. Using decorative plants to liven up the house with more color and more air filtering provides some authentic decor. There are a lot of plants you can choose from. Hanging plants like ferns, big standing money trees, or small succulents provide the look of a well-lived-in home. Even small plants can change up the look and feel of your home in a personal way.

2. Foam boards

Foam boards are usually associated with businesses, but your home might be able to take advantage of their uses. The experts at Printmoz show that foam boards can be custom made to showcase graphics, sayings, quotes, or anything you want to make a unique piece for your home’s wall or dresser stand. These boards are cheap, too, so they can save you money instead of buying a pricey board.

3. Love board

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What’s a love board? It’s essentially a corkboard that contains notes, letters, photos, and sentimental that you and your partner share. This is as personal as it gets, and depending on how much you want to share, you can put this in your room to keep it special and for your eyes only. This decor helps remind you of all the things you love about your partner every time you walk past it.

4. Wish jar

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Another fun piece of decor that can grow over time is the wish jar. In a similar manner to a love board, you can write down wishes, dreams, or goals, and stash them inside a neat-looking jar once a week or month and open them after a determined time. It works like a time capsule, but has special meaning to you. You can use a mason jar, so anyone can see, or a non-transparent material to keep it a secret for just you.

5. Wall mural

How cool would it be to have your own statement wall? Well, you can, and a wall mural is a way to do that. Painting a mural yourself or having someone do it for you can add some contemporary art, chic restaurant vibes to your home in whatever style you want. This would be a jaw-dropping addition to your home and one no one could forget.

Making your house into a home can be as simple as focusing on some decor. This could be a small plant to start, or something as big as an art mural on a wall. Whatever you pick, you want to make it personal, so your home exudes your own personal energy.

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