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Vacation pictures, souvenirs, shells and sand from the last beach we have visited are just a few of the beautiful memories we take home with us from our holidays. Most of the times, these get hidden in some boxes in our drawer seeing the light rarely just when we remember them or a relative or friend wants to see them. Vacations are always periods in our life filled with a lot of joy so it’s a shame not to remember them more often. That’s why, we thought it would be nice to show you how to make beautiful decorating jars to remind you of those fantastic times you lived. They are great to keep in the house and are extremely easy to make. You can have a special corner in your home filled with them for everyone to see.

What you will need:
– printed out pictures;
– sand, shells, dried flowers and anything you have with you from the holiday you’ve been in;
– different sized empty jars with or without lids;
– olive oil (optional).

1. Take a jar of your choice and a picture that fits in it and start the creative work.
2. Add to the jar whatever you have available and create a nice decorating piece (get inspired by the pictures).
3. Seal with the lid or don’t seal, depending on what is inside the jar. If you decide to use the olive oil with the black and white picture, you have to seal the jar to make sure the content will stay safe.
4. Here you have the freedom to be creative and make your own jars, they don’t need to look exactly like in the pictures! Label each jar with a sticker to know the destination you have been in and focus on growing your collection!

memory-jar1 memory-jar4 memory-jar6 memory-jar2 beautiful-memory-jar memory-jar7

Photo courtesy: random internet photos.

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