Perfect Looking Skin in 3 Steps

Do you have skin problems that don’t allow you wear your favorite dresses, shorts, skirts or shirts? Since we wait a whole year for summer to finally get out of the closet those pretty clothes that make us feel perfectly, it’s time to find a solution for our skin. Don’t let a skin disease ruin your plans and your self-esteem. Even if it’s about hives, moles, rashes, eczema, the body makeup is a brilliant idea for your skin, allowing you say goodbye to psoriasis, rosacea, vascular lesions, stretch marks, bruises and more. It also works great for tattoos and tan lines.

You will need: a moisturizer, body & leg cover, setting powder and a brush to apply the powder. For safety, consult a doctor or a dermatologist to make sure your type of skin problem allows you to use these products.

Here are the steps for a beautiful skin :
-Apply the moisturizer on your body, preferably right after the shower; makeup looks many times better on skin that’s hydrated.
-Apply the body & leg cover and make sure that no problem zone remains uncovered; you can apply a couple of layers, but let dry after each application.
-Fix your body makeup with the setting powder; this one has mattifying function and will help the body & leg cover to stay on longer. Sometimes, you may want to skip this step, in order to have a glowing skin.

Now, you are ready to wear everything you want, because your skin looks perfect. And don’t forget, beyond your skin problems, you should love yourself as you are. This will make you shine and more charismatic.

Perfect Looking Skin in 3 Steps
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