Why Do People Think Cataract Surgery Is a Good Idea?

Cataract surgery is a simple procedure, usually done on elderly people, to replace the body’s own cloudy lens with a clear, synthetically made one. Although the surgery itself is fairly simple and straightforward, there is a rather long recovery time and patients usually need to spend a few days in hospital after the surgery to recover.

The surgery is usually not performed under general anesthetic, rather under local anesthesia and patients return to their normal lives within only a few days to recover fully, usually with much-improved vision and a higher quality of life.

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One of the biggest bonuses to undergoing cataract surgery is that the success rate is relatively high. This is a surgery that has been performed and perfected for many decades, and most patients will fully recover and recover the sight they once had to a great degree, although wearing corrective eyeglasses may still be required.

Choosing Your Particulars

If you are considering having cataract surgery, you need to pick the right cataract surgeon for you – a simple search for “Cataract surgery near me” will bring up a list of qualified surgeons for you to investigate. Once you’ve chosen your surgeon, he or she can discuss with you your other requirements for surgery, such as which type of lens implant to have in your eye, and what level of local anesthesia will be suitable for you.

Some patients don’t like having local anesthesia, especially on a delicate area like the eye, and prefer to have either conscious sedation or a full general anesthetic, but this is a decision you’ll need to make with your surgeon.

Do You Really Need Cataract Surgery?

It’s estimated that by the age of 80, 50% of people will suffer from some level of cataract in either one or both of their eyes. It’s a normal process of aging where the lens in our eyes become less transparent and less able to deal with cell renewal. While it may be obvious to outside observers that a patient may benefit from cataract surgery, it is an issue that will gradually develop and, as such, patients may not realize their eyesight has deteriorated to the
extent it has until they are really in a bad way.

The gradual loss of your eyesight can usually be put down to age-related vision changes, you may have your vision corrected with glasses as you become more nearsighted, and your night vision is likely to deteriorate.

One of the main symptoms of early cataracts is that the colors your eyes see will appear duller as they are filtered through the now cloudy lens. This can be a process that is very hard to spot for patients as they become accustomed to the loss of color and definition in their everyday lives and vision, but it is an issue that will clear up with the new lens after the surgery.

For many patients, this is their “eureka!” moment, when they can finally see in HD again!

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