Easy Ways to Dress for a Night on the Town with the Girls – At Every Age

Age should never be a factor when it comes to deciding what to wear; let no one tell you any different. A woman in her 40s will look just as amazing in a pair of jeans that fit well as one who’s still in college. However, your style can — and often does — have an effect on how people perceive you.

The garments you choose to wear out can speak to who you are as a person, as well as how you choose to express yourself. That’s why it’s always worth making an effort to dress up a little, especially if you’re stepping out for the evening.

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A night out on the town with your friends is an enjoyable activity at any age. It’s not only a great chance to catch up with the girls, have a bit of fun, and unwind after a long week at school or work, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to see and be seen. Here are a few outfit ideas that can help you look and feel both sexy and powerful at every age when going out.

During Your College Years

For the most part, nights out with the girls during your college years mean attending house parties, heading out to the bars around campus, or hitting the club. These occasions call for outfits that emphasize comfort and mobility because you’ll probably be doing a lot of dancing and moving around.

Shopping for leggings should be one of the first things you do when you are buying clothes. These multipurpose pieces can be easily dressed up or down, and the outfit options you can build around them are endless. For house or sorority and frat parties, you can expect a fair bit of chaos, so make sure that you’re outfitted appropriately for any accidental drink spillage and other mishaps.

The key is to be practical, but still stylish; pair your leggings with a cute casual top—preferably one you won’t mind getting a bit of beer on—and wear closed shoes that can be easily cleaned.

Heading to a bar or doing a pub crawl instead? You’ll want a look that’s slightly dressier than what you’d wear to a house party. Grab your best-looking pair of jeans and match it to a tight-fitting crop top for a dance floor-ready look that’s sure to turn more than a few heads.

Wearing comfortable shoes is key if you’re planning on hopping from one location to the next, especially if you want to avoid having sore, blistered feet in the morning.

In Your 20s

In your 20s, your nights out with the girls will likely consist of hitting the bars or a nice pub during the weekends, in addition to the occasional post-work dinner and drinks. Since you’re likely on a tight budget, you’ll be pregaming more at home instead of starting the evening at the establishment of your choice.

Because your nights out won’t be revolving around the consumption of alcohol as much, you can start wearing some of your nicer things out without fear of subjecting them to any lasting damage. It can also be a good opportunity to show off your personal style and maybe meet new people in the process.

Most night clubs have a strict dress code that you should do your best to adhere to; otherwise, you risk not being let in at all. A bodycon dress that shows off your curves is an unbeatable choice, though you can go with any evening wear ensemble that’s worth showing off.

Heading to a bar where they play live music? Channel your inner rock star with tight jeans, a tank top, and a leather jacket. If your plans involve going out after work, choose an outfit in the morning that can easily be jazzed up once the sun sets, such as a pantsuit or a classic little black dress.

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In Your 30s and Beyond

Evenings out in your 30s likely won’t be much different from your 20s, but the places you and your girls frequent might change. Instead of sports bars and pubs, you’re now more likely to be found at wine bars and tapas restaurants, having cheese and charcuterie boards and small bites along with a glass of champagne or sangria.

A taste for the finer things in life means dressing appropriately for the establishments that serve them. You can opt for more laidback ensembles that show you’ve made an effort to dress up, but aren’t exactly flashy in the way club outfits often are.

A nice wrap dress perfectly straddles the line between casual and formal wear, and they’re incredibly comfortable. Top this off with a nice scarf or a light jacket if you and your friends plan on taking advantage of any al fresco dining areas to keep the chill away. Polish the look off with a pair of wedge sandals and statement jewelry.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to stop worrying about dressing appropriately for your age and start focusing on wearing what makes you feel incredible, no matter how old you are. Good style is ageless! As long as you prioritize your comfort, you’ll look phenomenal, no matter what you choose to wear on your next night out.

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