How To Keep your Home Cool In The Summer

Summertime is fast approaching, the days are getting longer and the weather is gradually getting warmer… which is a good thing right? That is a tough question to answer, we all love a nice warm, sunny day. But over the course of summer, sometimes the high temperatures are just too much to handle.

It’s all well and good having the sun beam down on you when you’re at a BBQ or the beach when you can enjoy it, but for the rest of the summer when you’re stuck inside, the heat can be unbearable, in fact when summer is in full swing and you’re stuck at home, the only thing worse than the unrelenting heat is our electricity bills as they skyrocket up with every use of a fan or air conditioner at home.

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So, how can you beat the heat this year and stay cool at home without racking up a massive electricity bill this summer? Well, luckily for you, we’ve found a few handy ways to keep you nice and cool this year!

1. Cool Down With Closed Blinds

Opening up our list, we have one of the simplest ways to keep your home cool in the summertime, simply close your blinds. Having your blinds or curtains shut, stops light and heat from the Sun from entering your home through windows, this then will help keep the indoor temperature cooler than outside.

If you have any big windows uncovered, it will be worth while to buy some wide blinds as the bigger a window is the more heat it will let in. Also if you have thin blinds, it may be worth looking at blinds with a solar reflective backing as they can bounce heat away and keep you even cooler!

2. Stop Making More Heat

Keeping cool during summer is hard enough as it is, before you start adding more heat to your home with day to day activities. Having warm baths or cooking can radiate extra heat into your home and make your home even hotter than it was to begin with.

So, to reduce making extra heat, there are a few things you can do, for example: having a salad or pre made meal for dinner rather than cooking, or just cooking meals that take less time to cook will reduce the amount of heat you’re adding to your home; or having a cold bath/shower, rather than a warm one (this will also have the bonus of cooling your body).

3. Switch Up Your Wardrobe

During the summertime, it’s not wise to wear the same clothes as you would in the winter months, a big jacket and thick trousers are amazing when it’s cold out, but are a pain when it’s lovely and warm. So when getting dressed, make sure you’re taking into account the thickness, etc of your clothes.

One thing that helps, is separating your clothes out into summer clothes (T-shirts, shorts, linen trousers, etc) and winter clothes (Big coats, thick trousers, jumpers, etc). Then during the summer months, pack your winter clothes away and vis-versa during the winter months. This will make it easier for you, as you should always have weather appropriate clothing at the ready.

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