Party Decor Tips Depending on the Celebration

Most people love to go to parties. They provide the opportunity to let off steam and socialize with friends and family. There may be food and drink provided, and even dancing at the end. Religious festivals often occur as celebrations too, drawing people together who have common beliefs. Parties often involve the giving of gifts, which can help create a lasting legacy of the event.

It might be that you need to organize a party but are struggling with ideas. If this is the case, don’t worry because this article can provide you with helpful decor tips for a range of different celebrations.

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Many Muslims don’t eat or drink between dawn and sunset during the month of Ramadan. They use this time to think about suffering and self-discipline and to reflect on their faith. At the end of the month, they celebrate Eid by having communal meals.

The internet is a good place to start when looking for party decorations. Specialist sites are providing Ramadan party decor and they feature everything from Eid latex balloons and window decorations to gift tags, stickers, and craft kits. Whether it’s tableware, napkins, or paper plates there are Eid-themed products people can buy. Many feature such shapes as crescent moons, stars, or mosques.

Graduation Parties

It’s important to remember that these are a celebration of people’s hard work. If graduation cards have already been received, why not turn these into decorations by hanging them up or placing them on the wall?

Framed wall pictures of the graduation could create a great focal point. You could use the gown and hat motif when choosing things like personalized cakes and entrance signs, straws, and helium balloons. People who are good at arts and crafts could make their own versions. Many shops sell cards, paper, and more which can provide a blank canvas on which to add the graduation theme.

Baby Showers

These are parties thrown before the child is born, and they provide the opportunity for family and friends to provide baby gifts. As for all parties, social media such as Pinterest or Instagram can be a great source of inspiration for decor. You can also check out the personalized party items available online, including balloons, bunting, banners, and tablecloths. You could also provide a baby cake.

This could be an amazing opportunity for mum to do a ‘gender reveal.’ In this case, you could design the decor to suit. It could feature the traditional colors of pink for a girl and blue for a boy or cartoon pictures of male or female babies. Another great idea is to buy lots of small pieces of paper that are baby-shaped and to ask each guest to write some good wishes on them. Then they could be stuck onto a background and be given as a framed gift to the parents.


This Christian festival celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. People all over the world attend special church services and sing carols together. On Christmas day it’s common for people to exchange gifts and eat traditional meals such as roast turkey and Xmas pudding.

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When guests arrive for a Christmas party it’s nice if they are greeted by a seasonal wreath on the front door. If the rooms are candlelit this can help create a homely atmosphere. If it’s a family gathering where there will be an extra guest, make sure they are included in the celebrations. This could mean putting a gift under the Christmas tree or on the dining table.

If there are more Christmas cards than shelves to hold them, it’s nice to put string across the room to display them. You could also spend money on garlands, tinsel, and ornaments – and don’t forget to hang mistletoe above the doors!


These are essentially the celebration of a person’s life to date. You could buy special birthday bunting and party hats as well as a personalized cake. One way to make the decorations stand out is to celebrate the uniqueness of the person. If they enjoy dancing or music, sports or art you could use decorations that reflect this theme. Photos of the individual over the years may also be appreciated by everyone, and some may even bring a touch of humor.

Whilst some of these decor ideas will suit most parties, others are more specific. They can enhance the place of the celebration and boost the atmosphere. Added to that the decorations can look great in photos and contribute to the precious memories that people will gain.

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