DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make at Home

Finding time to do some shopping for Christmas decoration can be quite difficult if you’re leading a busy life. But don’t worry, because you can always make yourself some DIY Christmas decorations. Not only they’re easy to make, you virtually don’t have to leave your house to make these adorable ornaments. Best part? Rather than spending bucks on decorations, you can save more and buy yourself better Christmas gifts! The decorations are also very social media sharing worthy, so be ready for envious comments asking how did you make them!

Now that you’re hyped up, let’s get down to the business.

1. Snowmen on Orbs

The first ornament would need a baby blue Christmas ball, some white paint, and your fingers! To begin, paint the bottom of the Christmas orb all the way to the middle. Then, carefully dip your finger in the white paint, and stick it to the orb. Ta-da, your fingerprint is now a snowman! Finally, decorate your snowmen using an oil-based marker, some orange and red paint, and toothpicks to draw their noses and scarves.

Foto: mysmarthands
Foto: mysmarthands

2. Gum Machine

The next DIY ornament requires a transparent Christmas ball, a miniature pot, some paint (in any color), and sprinkles! First, you’d need to paint the miniature pot, let it dry, and while doing so, insert the sprinkles into the Christmas ball (fill only half of the ball). Put back the cap and glue the painted miniature pot upside down, and you’re done!

Foto: darbysmart
Foto: darbysmart

3. Mini Wreath

What’s a Christmas without wreaths? Make your own using Mason Jar lid, yarns or string, and some glue! Let’s get started! First, glue the bottom of the lid, and carefully wrap the yarn around it. Once the lid is all wrapped, glue one point and remember to leave a bit of opening so that you can hang it on your tree. Finish it by gluing a ribbon or any desired decoration.


4. Starbucks Cups Ornament

The iconic Starbucks holiday cup is a must when we’re talking about Christmas. You can recreate the cup as a Christmas tree ornament using a cardboard, pencil, flannel, and glue. To begin, you’ll have to draw a shape of the cup on the cardboard (you can search a pattern on Google for a more precise shape).

Cut the shape out, and stick the “cup” on another piece of cardboard and cut it out again, so you’ll have two “cups”. The first “cup” would act as the base, but make sure to separate the lid and the cup on the second “cup”. Place the lid cutout on a white flannel, and trace it carefully but place the cup cutout on a layer of red flannel. Cut both flannels, and stick it on both the lid cutout and the cup cutout.

Once you’re done, cut a piece of white cardstock and stick it on the middle of the cup; it’ll act as the sleeve you have on your Starbucks cup when you’re ordering hot drinks. To finish it, cut a green, heart-shaped flannel and place it on the cardstock.


5. Glitter Christmas Bowl

The last ornament is extremely simple; all you need to do is to fill a clear Christmas orb with glitters, and decorate the exterior using press-on letter stickers. For instance, you can spell Noel or X-mas using the stickers. You’re done! Which one is your favorite?


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