6 Breastfeeding Tips For Mothers That Will Make Their Life Easier

How can you breastfeed your baby effectively? As a mother, there is nothing as exciting as receiving your bundle of joy. One task that you should get committed to after getting your baby is breastfeeding. While some women will prefer other ways, breastfeeding is the ultimate and most recommended way of feeding a baby. It has positive effects both for the baby and the mother.

However, as good as it seems, breastfeeding is not an easy task for every mom. Some will struggle with it, while others completely stop it. This article will discuss six breastfeeding tips which mothers can use to make their life easier. Let’s jump straight to the points.

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1. Attend Breastfeeding classes

As a first-time mother, you may not know how to breastfeed your child efficiently. You might think you are doing it the right way but making some mistakes here and there. If you have never breastfed before, it is crucial to attend breastfeeding classes. You attend these classes during pregnancy to prepare yourself for comfortable breastfeeding sessions.

According to research, mothers who attend classes before delivery are the most successful in breastfeeding. If you are expecting, you need to visit a health Centre or a community center near you for the lessons.

2. Get yourself the right breastfeeding supplies

Breastfeeding can turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t have the proper clothing and accessories to facilitate it. To make the whole exercise simpler and most comfortable, you have to put on the appropriate clothing and other accessories. You can get yourself the best nursing tanks, which come in different varieties, for your breastfeeding sessions.

Others include nursing bras that help support your breastfeeding without undressing and breast pads that effectively control the dripping of milk when not breastfeeding. Other essentials you might need include breast pumps and bottles, a nursing pillow, a rocking chair, and a footstool for comfortability.

3. Breastfeed immediately after birth

Unless you are facing some complications, you should breastfeed your baby right after birth. Why is this important? Besides the first milk nourishing your baby, the first breastfeeding has other advantages, including your baby getting colostrum milk, which contains antibodies and proteins for your newborn.

Breastfeeding also facilitates the production of oxytocin hormone, which helps you bond with your baby for future breastfeeding sessions. Lastly, it helps to stabilize your baby’s body temperature, breathing, heart rate, and sugar levels with the current conditions.

4. Inform your healthcare provider you plan to breastfeed

While this might sound ridiculous, there are those mothers who do not plan to breastfeed the baby when they give birth. They will want to use other means to feed their baby, other than direct breastfeeding, for various reasons, including medication.

It is essential, before giving birth, to inform your healthcare provider that you intend to breastfeed your baby thoroughly. When you do so, they will facilitate you in many ways to ensure you breastfeed your baby comfortably. For instance, if you are under medication and you want to breastfeed your baby, the doctor can offer alternative medicine which goes well with breastfeeding.

5. Have different ways to latch

Latching is when your baby gets attached to your breast when the nipple is on their mouth. How you latch dramatically affects your comfort and that of the baby when breastfeeding. It is crucial to consider different ways of latching for your baby to ensure easy and comfortable breastfeeding. Here are two methods you can use.

You can comfortably sit in a breastfeeding position, then, using your hands, guide the nipple to the baby’s mouth. This act stimulates your baby to open the mouth and suckle. Ensure you bring the baby close to your breast while directing the nipple to the upper lip.

Laid Back or Baby-Led Latching: Here, you lie on your back while placing your baby on your chest, on the breasts. The baby will then feel the surroundings, find the breast and direct the nipple to the mouth.

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6. Breastfeed from both breasts, equally

Most mothers will breastfeed their baby on one breast, leaving the other for the next breastfeeding session. While some babies prefer one breast over the other, it is essential to feed them on both breasts equally in one session. This process ensures that all breasts get utilized equally.

Feeding your baby on one breast might leave you uncomfortably since the other one will always be full and hurting. Also, feeding on both breasts ensures supply doesn’t reduce. Lower milk on your breasts might make your baby suck harder, causing pain to the breasts.

When breastfeeding becomes more complicated and uncomfortable, it is time to seek professional help. You can visit your healthcare provider, a lactation consultant, or some leading health organizations to have the situation checked. As a mom, it’s sometimes normal to be anxious while breastfeeding. Ensure you follow the highlighted tips for great success.

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