The Eldredge Tie Knot is Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Nothing suits a man better than a suit and tie. If you know how to pull off a suit, you may want to learn how to make this Eldredge tie knot that has been going around the fashion world for several years.

Let’s get to know this new way of tying knot a bit better. The Eldredge tie knot was named after its inventor, Jeffrey Eldredge, who created this tie knot back in 2008. Through an interview conducted by a blogger, Eldredge explained that he was inspired by the Ediety knot he saw on YouTube and came up with the Eldredge tie knot himself. The namesake tie knot quickly went viral due to its complicated process and neat appearance. Eldredge himself admitted that while he created the tie knot, he only used it once a month or during special occasions.

If you’re expecting a special day, such as wedding or job interview, you may want to try out this tie knot. The Eldredge tie knot is definitely not an everyday thing, so it would definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

In case you’re curious on how to make it, Jeffrey Eldredge himself has been so generous when it comes to tutorial videos. Through his YouTube account, cwtrain, Eldredge shared several videos on how he made the Eldredge tie knot. There’s no better way to learn from the creator himself, so make sure you watch the video below or you can visit his channel. Eldredge also said that he made changes on the tie knot from time to time, so you have plenty of learning materials. Make sure you have your tie around your neck so that you can follow his steps.

So, now are you ready to make your own Eldredge tie knot?

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