Original Under Stairs Storage Space Ideas Utilizing space effectively in your house or apartment is a must if you’re living somewhere relatively small in size. As it’s not easy to find storage space ideas that don’t require additional room or a special corner in the house, you’d definitely love this collection of under stair shelves and storage space ideas.

The space around the stairs is often neglected and you may end up with wasted space. Especially in older houses, the space under the stairs is rarely used and often, cemented. But do you know that this space can be used as drawers, while the space around the stairs can be a perfect home for smart, built-in lockers that can store various objects?

Staircases can also turn into a compact library; a great idea for book lovers who can’t seem to find a way to keep their books. If you’re a sport maniac, the space under the staircase can also serve as a mini-garage for you to store your bikes (yes, it’s possible!) and other sport equipments. However, if you want to keep your house looking clean and neat, you can place several vases and decorations on the shelves.

If you’re short of space, custom-made staircases in which you can store clothes and other belongings inside. The staircases aren’t wide, but it’s large enough to act as a closet. Wider staircases can be used to store books and miscellaneous. When closed, you’d barely be able to notice how it’s different from regular staircases.

If your under-stair is pretty large, you may want to consider adding a special room where you can store cleaning materials, umbrellas, or boots. Some people also use the under-stair space as a working space with low shelves or even a kitchen. Others have a secret compartment that would have to be pulled out; where you can keep liquors and prized items.

Whether it’s minimally decorated or packed with books and clothes, whether it’s inside your bedroom or outside in the living room, you can use the under-stair space and the space around the staircase according to your need.



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  1. Hi! Where can I find these modules!?
    i’m looking to build out underneath my stairs as I live in a townhouse which is pretty small, I’m looking for the closed pull outs on the left smaller part of my stairs, and open storage on the larger open area under the stairs for coffee, tea, etc. etc.
    I live in Orlando, FL
    Thank you!

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