Exotic Knot for Your Necktie – The Cape Knot


Once you have mastered the Eldredge knot or the Trinity knot, perhaps you might want to try this next one – the Cape knot. This knot never ceases to get compliments, especially from the ladies. They always adore a man who knows how to tie a knot. The Cape knot works perfect with mono-colored ties and looks fine with pattern or paisley ties. It is a little complicated when the tie has stripes because their orientation gets all zany and it makes pattern shock. The knot is tied with the little end of the tie, so it is simple to obtain the length right. See video below to do it correctly. If you are looking for more exotic knots, check out these options: the Eldredge knot and the Trinity knot. Enjoy!

necktie knot
necktie-knotnecktie knot (2)

Photo courtesy: agreeordie.

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