Marble Nail Art Tutorial


How a woman takes care of her hands and nails tells a lot about her. This marble nail art tutorial will give a particular touch to your look and it goes perfectly for special occasions. The impression others will have while looking at your nails will be as if your nails are made of marble. Check out the directions and the video below to find the procedure.

You will need:
– bowl;
– toothpicks;
– nailpolish in 2 colors, a lighter and a darker shade;
– petroleum jelly or some tape.

1. Put water in the bowl and start adding a drop of each of the nail polishes into the water.
Start with a drop of the darker color, then add a drop of the lighter color, then again the darker one and so on until you repeated this for 7-8 times (depending of the size of the bowl). Be careful to always add the next color into the middle of the previous one and let the colors spread before adding a new drop.
2. With the help of the toothpick, you will create the chained heart shapes like in the picture. Draw a line starting from the middle until the edge of the cup, and repeat this on the opposite direction. Then, draw side lines starting of the edge of the bowl until the middle of it. Do this 4 times on each side until you see the chain of hearts.
3. Put some petroleum jelly or some tape on your skin next to your nails to prevent it from getting the polish on. Before dipping, apply a coat of the light polish on your nails and let it dry. Dip your nails into the water and the polish will stick to them. Repeat this process for each nail.
4. Remove the jelly or the tape and enjoy your beautiful manicure!

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