Leopard Cake Recipe

You must already know who is coming to dinner for Christmas and probably already have some difficulty concerning what you should be cooking for the big night. Well, as we know how difficult it is to decide over the menu, we thought we should give you an advice that should help you surprise the children with a funny interesting desert: The leopard cake.

You will need:
– 240 g unsalted butter;
– 200 g. caster sugar;
– 100 ml. Milk;
– 3 eggs;
– 250 g plain flour;
– 16 g baking powder.

You should prepare a cake batter and divide it in three parts. Leave a first part white for pouring the base of the cake. The second part you should color with orange food color, while the third part you should color with cacao powder. Take three piping bags and fill them with the three different batter colors: white, brown and orange. First pour the white batter in the cake tin up to a half of its capacity. Second: using the brown batter make a spiral, on its top make a spiral with orange batter, and then top it again with brown batter. After all of that, fill the remaining space with white batter. Repeat the same moves twice, and then leave the cake for baking. When ready, decorate it with leopard pattern from outside also. When serving each piece of the cake will have a fun leopard pattern inside. Enjoy!

Leopard Cake Recipe

Photo courtesy: Masam Manis.

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