Knitted Baby Booties – DIY

Knitted Baby Booties - DIY

If you love knitting and especially if you love knitting small things you are in the right place to get inspired by us for your next project. This can be done no matter the level you are at, beginners will have a massive satisfaction after finishing this and looking at their achievements. This is one of the easiest baby booties you can make and definitely one of the most cutest tutorials. No matter who you are making these for, either your babies or your friends babies, the little ones will have their feet protected from cold and they will feel cozy and warm! Check out the directions below to find how to make them. You can see also the Russian version of instructions.

What you will need:
– 50 grams of wool in two colors (in this tutorial the colors used are green and yellow, but you can choose whatever colors you prefer);
– a pair of knitting needles.
– two decorative buttons (for the flowers).

1. Take the needles and mount 28 stitches of the green wool then knit 52 rows front.
2. Now, close 8 eyelets and you should have now 20 stitches.
3. Continue knitting with the yellow wool, one row in the front then one row in the back then repeat 2 times the same thing.
4. Knit 4 front rows with the green color.
5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for 7 times then close the stitches.
6. Now, your work should look like in picture number 2.
7. Fold down the green part that is pointing upwards.
8. Take a needle and some thread and go through the stitches that form the yellow and green side, then tighten the thread in a way your booties will look like in picture 3.
9. Sew the sole from the remaining green wool and make some flowers from the yellow wool.

Photo courtesy: senpolia.

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  1. How many stitches and how many rows please? I’m not an experienced knitter and need more information – good idea and I love them.
    thank you!

  2. Hi!
    I absolutely love these and plan on creating lots of them!!! great design!!! Question: what size needle would you suggest?


  3. I have been recovering from being very sick. I took up knitting love it. I would like to know how yo make those booties into adult size. Please help

  4. According to what I see the yellow rows are 1 row knit and the other pearl, not all knit.
    That makes the green stripes stick out because they are all knit. Is that right??

  5. This pattern loses something in the translation but is really quite simple. The yellow rows are stocking stitch and the green are plain knitting but you could knit through the back of the stitch on alternate rows to slightly vary the stitch shape. For a tighter knit use british 8s rather than 6s. 6mm would make them loose and larger. Remember it is always worth doing a tension square first, even for such a little item.

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