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Nowadays, staying active with sports and exercise is one of the most important things that you can do for your mind and body. As we are halfway through the warm summer months, for many people this is usually the perfect time for outdoor activities. The sun is shining, the weather is nice, everything seems suitable for a little afternoon basketball or soccer.

However, unseasonably bad weather conditions as well as this year’s Covid-19 Pandemic have seen many of us locked inside. But that is no reason why you can’t participate in your favorite sports and physical activities. With the right equipment, sports can be played inside all year round.

In this article, we are going to take a look at 3 popular indoor sports and everything you need to get started.

1. Basketball

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Basketball is a really fantastic sport to play inside and in fact, professional basketball leagues like the NBA are all played indoors. Basketball does require some special equipment but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

If your kids are looking to play basketball indoors then you can pick up a junior basketball hoop for less than $200. These hoops can be mounted on a wall or on a pole. The standard height of the hoop for professional basketball is 3.05m from the floor but you can mount the hoop at whatever height is comfortable for you.

As well as a hoop or two, you will also need a basketball to play. There is a huge range of basketballs available and the prices vary enormously. The official Spalding NBA ball will cost you $169.99 but there are much cheaper options. If you are just looking for an everyday ball to play a casual game with your friends or family, you can easily pick up a ball for twenty dollars or less.

2. Table Tennis

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Picking up the racket and heading off to the tennis court can be totally unfeasible for most people, so why not try an indoor version instead? With table tennis (also known as ping pong), everything is a bit smaller, lighter and takes up less space – from small paddles to a lightweight ball, and can even be played in a decent-sized living room or garage.

However, this does not mean ping pong is a less technical or physical sport than tennis. In fact, table tennis requires a lot of practice as well as mental focus and strategy.

With no direct contact between players, there is almost no risk of injury at all, so you can practice regularly without having to worry about being hurt.
The great thing about table tennis is you barely need any equipment at all.

Whilst more serious players may want to consider investing in a proper table, for amateur players, you can just buy a net and stretch it across your dining table or kitchen island. As well as your table setup, you will need ping pong paddles and a few balls but you can pick all of this up for less than twenty dollars.

3. Badminton

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Badminton is a much-loved sport for people all over the world and many of us will remember it from our school days. Badminton is a really fast, technical game that can be played between two players or four players in a double’s match.

The great thing about badminton is that you can easily play indoors as long as you have enough space because the shuttlecock is very light and so it can’t cause damage as a tennis ball would. You also don’t need to run around as much as you do playing other racket sports like squash or racquetball.

The first thing that you are going to need is a net. This is very easy to set up in a sports hall or a large garage as you just need to stretch it between poles. The top of a regulation badminton net is 1.55m from the floor but you can put it at any height that is comfortable for you. As well as your net, you will need a racquet for every player.

Top-end professional badminton racquets can cost hundreds of dollars but you can easily pick up a set of cheap racquets for less than twenty. Finally, you will need a few shuttlecocks and you are all set!

Our love for sports is undying, and in times of extreme weather or a pandemic, some activities might be put on hold for a while. However, there are still a lot of sports that you can play indoors instead. Try out one of the indoor sports in this article and see if you enjoy them!

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