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Why do people exercise? The importance of the gym cannot be fully explained without talking about how important exercise is to the body.

Why is a Home Gym Necessary?

The benefits of exercising make going to the gym necessary. Going to the gym can become impractical over time when you look at the hassle of packing a bag every time, distance travelled, making time out of your busy schedule and overcrowding problems that may exist at the gym.

A gym in the comfort of your home helps to solve these problems. Instead of just one long session at the gym, you can have multiple short sessions at your home gym. A gym at home also allows the family to exercise as much as they want.

The advantages of creating a gym at home, let’s discuss some:

⦁ You have privacy and can do things at a pace that’s comfortable for you. You can take your time to practice different exercises and stances without bothering yourself about who is watching or what they think.

⦁ Having a home gym gives you the freedom to design your fitness routines based on your fitness goals and needs and not what is available to you. You can develop a routine that works best for you and incorporate different methods based on your goals instead of trying to fit into the programs available in a commercial gym.

⦁ A home gym provides you with convenience and ease of access. There are lots of factors that can make a commercial gym difficult – kids, looking for who to babysit, lousy weather or stormy day, the distance etc. A home gym eliminates all these. The home gym is there for you anytime you are ready to go in and work your muscles.

⦁ Similarly, having a gym at home helps you eliminate some of the issues, as mentioned in the previous point, and makes you manage your time effectively. The amount of time you would have spent on all the above would be eliminated.

⦁ A home gym helps you save your money. When you take the amount of money used as membership fees in a commercial gym into consideration, buying the equipment and having your home gym is a better option. What you spend on a home gym is one-time with little to no recurrent costs.

Benefits Of Exercising Regularly

Exercise is the coordinated practice and movement of the muscles to make them work so the body can burn calories.

Exercising and fitness activities have their benefits as follows:

⦁ It reduces feelings of depression and enhances your mood.
⦁ It helps you lose weight by increasing metabolic activities in the body.
⦁ It helps to build up your bone density and muscles, making them stronger.
⦁ It improves energy levels and helps to combat fatigue.
⦁ Regular exercise reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases.
⦁ Exercising helps to improve the health of the brain and memory.

The Right Equipment for the Right Exercise and Body Goals

The exercise types and goals that you want to achieve will determine the equipment you will procure for your home gym. There is one component that should be the part of your gym irrespective of the exercise and body goals you want to achieve, and that is the Gym Wall Mirror.

1. Gym Wall Mirror:

The gym wall mirror is there not solely to admire the results of your exercise and fitness activities. They are essential to make sure that you are doing your exercises the right way. Exercises done the wrong way can lead to injury, hence the need for a gym wall mirror to check your form while performing various tasks and activities.

⦁ Can make your home gym look bigger than it is.
⦁ Are a good source of natural light for your home gym?
⦁ Help with your form and technique during exercises.
⦁ Help you concentrate on your workout activities.
⦁ Make your gym look visually appealing.
⦁ Help you monitor your fitness progress.

2. Cardio Equipment For Home Gym

For cardio exercises, you can consider getting a turbo trainer, an exercise bike, a stepper, cross trainer spin bike or a punching bag. One of these or a combination of two or more of the above will serve its purpose. If you do not have the means or space for any of the above yet, you can include burpees, running on the spot or star jumps into your exercise routine.

3. Strength Building Equipment For Home Gym

For strength training, a good weight set is essential. Building the strength of your muscles is integral for overall body fitness. Lunging, crouching and squatting are good exercise routines for strength and can be complemented with small dumbbells. An abs machine is also a good option that allows you to use your body weight when working out. Barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells are also appropriate.

4. Flexibility Equipment For Home Gym

Flexibility helps with better posture and makes one less likely to suffer injuries. Attaining flexibility does not require a piece of specialized equipment but investing in a mat is worth it. You can use it for sitting and lying down when you need to instead of the bare floor. Yoga mats, exercise balls, rollers and resistance bands will also assist you in stretching.

Asides from these, a TV screen in your home gym can be used to catch up on the happenings around the world while exercising or you can watch new workout videos as well. A good sound system is also a great idea.

Areas Suitable for a Home Gym

You can dedicate a whole room to your home gym. According to the American council on exercise, free weights need 20-50 square feet of space for proper use, treadmills require about 30 feet, and if you are using your gym for different workout purposes with multiple stations, you need about 50 to 200 square feet.

If dedicating a room to your home gym is not possible, you can share your home office space or spare room into two to make room for a gym. If this is the option you are choosing, you should make sure you only include essential tools and equipment that won’t crowd your gym space.

Your underused garage is also an excellent place to set up as your home gym. It makes you worry less about the strength of the floors or that the walls are strong enough and noise transfer won’t be an issue.

What Is the Cost of Setting Up Your Own Home Gym?

How much you will spend on your home gym will depend on the equipment you are putting in it. If a good workout routine helps with your cardio, consider saving cost and space by leaving purchasing an expensive treadmill and other cardio equipment.

On average, if you are setting up a room as your home gym, it should cost around $5,000. If you are converting a garage or renovating an existing room, there are added costs.

Renovating a room can cost between $600 to $2,000, and it includes decorating, task lighting and updating the floors. Converting a garage can cost between $6,000 to $12,000, which covers heating, flooring and lighting.

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