How To Repair Holes in Jeans

You can easily see which are the favorite pair of jeans of a person by the ones that got to have holes between legs because of being overused. If you want to still wear your favorite pair of jeans you have to know that they can be fixed and you will find out how. There is an easy way to fix this problem with buying a patch from the store that can be applied over with ironing and it sticks to the material, but you will see here an alternative to it:

How To Repair Holes in Jeans (2)

What you will need:
– a piece of denim fabric (preferably of the color of the denim you have);
– scissors;
– iron;
– sewing kit or sewing machine.

Directions: Cut out a piece of jeans that will do as a patch and iron it. Cut the excess fabric from the spot where your jeans need to be fixed and turn your jeans on the inside. Start sewing the patch to the jeans then cut out the excess material. Be careful how you sew, especially if you are doing it manually, make a zigzag type of model over the material for a better hold. You can iron it over one more time and you are finished.

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