How To Fix Clothes And Shoes That Are Ruined

Clothes you absolutely love are quite difficult to buy and easy to ruin. Sometimes you spend hours, maybe days, just to find the right pair of jeans then you do something stupid and ruin it. Unfortunately, the reality is that more and more clothes are made to be weared only a few weeks or months so you have to take special care of them if you want to enjoy them for a longer period of time. Reading the tags of every piece of clothing you buy it is very important to know how to handle them in future. Other things you can do to ruin your clothes are smudging them with foundation or lipstick and these are only a few things, not to mention shoes that lost shine or are scratched. We have a few tips for you on how to fix clothes and shoes that are ruined so you will enjoy them for much longer.

How To Fix Clothes And Shoes That Are Ruined

How to fix clothes and shoes that are ruined:

1. We all know that jeans, the more they are washed, the more their color fades away and that is why you want to avoid washing them too often. But what can you do about the smell? They can get smelly from sweat and dust and to take that out just pack the jeans in a plastic bag and put them into the freezer overnight. Smell will be gone!

2. Foundation is awesome on face, but annoying on clothes, it can stain them so much that you might not be able to take it out with normal washing. For this reason, prior washing, treat the spots with some shaving cream, then put the clothing into the washing machine on a normal cycle. Spots will be gone!

3. Lipstick stains can be removed with hairspray. Sounds incredible, no? It works and you just spray the stain with the hairspray before washing the piece of clothing then throw it into the washing machine on a normal cycle. Lipstick gone!


4. For sunglasses that are loosened up we have a quick fix tip. If you don’t have a screwdriver you can always use clear nail polish to keep that screw in place! It is a quick and fast solution until you will be able to properly fix them.

5. If you have patent shoes that lost their sparkle, use some glass cleaner to make them shiny again.

6. With the love for red wine, it comes the hate for red wine spots. We are sure you encountered red wine spots at least once on your clothes and you didn’t know how to take them out and just threw away the clothing. Don’t do that next time, just take some white wine and soak the red wine spot in it then wash normally.

7. If you wear lots of tights, one nightmare might be the scenario of them starting to torn. To save the day, if you see something like this happening, always carry some clear nail polish with you and apply it on the run, it will stop it!

8. If you have lots of suede shoes, the way you can remove dirt from them is by using a nail file. Just “peel” the dirt of them and they will look like new!

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