How Big Of A Role Do Hats Play in Fashion?

Some of us use them to keep the sun out of our eyes. Some of us use them to keep the sun from creating fine lines and wrinkles appearing on our faces. Many of us use them as a fashion statement to add a little extra touch to that perfect outfit we picked out. Yep, you guessed it; we are talking about hats.

Hats have been around for eons. In the extremely early days, they were mostly worn to help travelers keep warm or cool depending on the weather and probably prevent the sun from getting in their eyes. Now, hats are not just worn out of necessity but to make a fashion statement.

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Many people wear customized hats to portray a message to the world that they like something. Take sports hats, superhero hats, or even the standard destination hats you get when you visit somewhere. Consider creating custom hats here if you are looking for a place to create your own hat but are not quite sure where to look.

Hats in Rome

Artisans in Athens and Rome wore conical caps made with felt, and they happened to be egg-shaped. This hat was a statement of being in the plebian part of society, an ordinary person in the Roman hierarchy. If Roman slaves were freed, they would also wear this hat as a statement of being set free. Caesar set the expectations with hats mainly because he never went without wearing one.

Hats in Egypt

In Egypt, caps and kerchiefs were worn on heads. Hair from people and sheep was also used to create wigs to help protect people from the sun. Depending on your rank in society, you would wear a certain helmet cap—the ultimate fashion statement.

Hats in the Middle Ages

Women in every class of society wore draperies and veils to hide their hair. Heading to the 15th centuries women’s hats got more elaborate. The headdress was creating popularity in France between 1460 and 1480. Women were also wearing turbans and butterfly headdresses.

Hats in the 17th & 18th Century

The 17th century is where hats were starting to get popular enough to be worn indoors and outdoors in Europe. Men wore a low crowned hat that was turned up or cocked. Puritans wore a high crowned round hat, which made a fashion statement about what social class they were. Women wore huge bonnets to symbolize a French carriage.

Hats in the 19th Century

Once the 19th century came around, hats became less of a fashion statement. People were more interested in different hairstyles than wearing a hat. Although, two centuries later, it is not uncommon to see someone wear the standard baseball cap to a nightclub or just while running errands.

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Hats have played an enormous role in fashion worldwide, from India to England to the United States. Something that was initially invented to help keep us away from the elements has transformed into a fashion statement for many. Whether you wear a hat only to keep the sun from your eyes or to just add a touch of cool to your clothing, a hat is a great asset to have in your closet.

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