Top 10 Things To Do With an Extra Day in Oslo, Norway

If you find that you are lucky enough to have an extra day to explore Oslo, Norway, you must make the most of your time. Without a doubt, there is so much to do and see in this incredible city that you will never have enough time to do all that you want to.

With that in mind, having a list of ideas to start with can be a great way to stay focused on what is your biggest priority. Then, if plans unexpectedly change, you can also have other options to choose from as well. As such, it works equally well as a backup plan. Check out these 10 great Oslo ideas!

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1. Visit a Sculpture Park

As a land that has a deep appreciation for the art of sculpting, Oslo is home to several awe-inspiring sculpture parks that will captivate your mind and thrill your imagination. As a peaceful way to admire the craftsmanship of talented Norwegian sculptors, the parks offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle.

2. Tour the Viking Museum

What is a visit to Norway without taking a look at the world-famous Wiking Museum? With educational pictures, videos and other information, this historical center offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to peer into the past world of a culture that had a significant impact on the world.

3. Check Out a Musical

If you are a fan of Broadway or small town theater back home, you will fall in love with any musical in Norway that you see. From the Jersey Boys, West Side Story and Stardust to Pippi Feirer Jul, Stille Natt Hellige Natt and more, whatever the current showings happen to be with keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

4. See the Holocaust Center

For a more somber but nonetheless important matter, make sure to make time to see the Holocaust Center while you are visiting Oslo as well. Without a doubt, this museum highlights a dark space in history, but remembering the past plays a critical role in helping the world most forward in peaceful harmony in the future.

5. Walk Around the Fram Museum

For another insightful look into Norway’s incredible maritime history, take some time to walk around the Fram Museum while you are meandering around Oslo. Step back in awe at the sheer magnitude of the Viking ships or catch a glimpse of some of World War II’s horrific images.

6. Relax at Sognsvann Lake

If you to step away from the city for away and just enjoy the peace and quiet calm that comes with nature, take at least a few hours in your day to head over to Sognsvann Lake. Whether you go there to watch the birds, meditate by the water or capture images of all the outstanding scenery, the views will calm your mind and rejuvenate your soul so that you are ready for more adventuring in the city.

7. Listen To The Oslo Opera House

Calling all music lovers! The Oslo Opera House has a real treat for your ears. Featuring incredible voices from all over the world, you will be amazed by the experience of listening to the sounds echo off the wall of the historical and magnificent theater.

Photo by Arsene M Øvrejorde on Unsplash

8. Visit City Hall

When most people travel, they overlook the potential learning opportunity of stopping into a location’s City Hall. The name is true for Oslo. For an educational look at how the city of Oslo and the country of Norway operate, this office is a great place to start. With information available in multiple languages, this can also be a great place for requesting city travel guides.

9. Marvel At Frogner Park

If you want something a little out of the ordinary to explore, Frogner Park is a solid destination. With beautiful natural grounds filled with, er… unique sculptures, this popular park is a great place to get some exercise while catching some interesting sights that will definitely spark conversation among your friends.

10. Embrace Wintertime From the Slopes

There is no getting around it: Oslo is cold. The best thing to do is to make the best of it. As such, a great way to spend some extra time while you are in the area is on the slopes of Winter Park. Gather your friends, grab your skis and get going!

At the end of the day, Oslo is amazing. Whatever you decide to do with your extra day, you will not be disappointed.

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