Great Idea of Protecting Skin When Painting Nails

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There aren’t lots of tricks to avoid getting paint on your cuticles and skin when polishing nails. It always happens. Some people put clear tape around the fingernail and then just remove it once the nail polish is dry. Other people are gifted with patience and talent to do their nails. But here we present an ingenious solution to keep your fingers clean of polish while doing the nails. Use Elmer’s or other kind of friendly white glue and paint around your nails. Then let your Elmer’s dry until it’s clear and start the nails painting. Once the nail polish is relatively dry you can begin to peel off the glue and enjoy your unique masterpiece!

diy-beauty-hacks-elmers-glue-nails 2

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  1. Elders glue doesn’t work that well. But liquid latex does. You just have to choose your latex carefully. In this case you get what you pay for. I use the same one Simply Nailogical recommendso on her YouTube channel. Bliss kiss!

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