Tropical Paradise Footwear by Gaetano Perrone

Colectia-de-pantofi-primavara-vara-2013-Gaetano-Perrone Think of a garden right out of a fantasy, with glorious bright leaves and flowers in full bloom in a riot of colours! And then imagine capturing all of that magnificence in a range of footwear! Seems like that was exactly on the mind of the supremely talented designer, Gaetano Perrone!

The mesmerising designs in this fascinating collection are a sight to behold! Infused with fresh bright colours of jade, fuchsia and pink and embedded in terrifically high heels, these shoes bring a tropical fantasy to life.

Many of the pieces are crafted as if directly from the petals of a wild flower, and feature full blown large sized flowers adorning the ankles in some. Animal prints are also cleverly worked into the shoes to give a stunning impact! Pure blues and blacks are also seen, inspired by the the skies of a tropical day and night.

Gaetano Perrone has yielded another amazing collection for the fashion hungry divas. No one in their right mind can give these gorgeous shoes a miss!  1352381898_gp92copia

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