Red Blossom Flower Chair


Think of a gorgeous flower, with petals drenched in the purest of reds and with a touch as soft as velvet.  And then think of yourself sitting in this dream-filled luxury in the comfort of your living room.  Yes, we are talking here about the sensational chair that finds inspiration and form from a five-petal flower!

This amazing chair is much more than just furniture, it is a piece of art that you can showcase in your home! And yet, when you return home tired, the plush luxury of this chair will invite you to sit in its comfortable lap!

The design has been cleverly crafted so as to not to give away the robust steel frame which forms its foundation. The bright colour red chosen for this chair makes it an ideal item of home décor to spruce up any boring or dull corners that you may have in your house! A pleasure to own and to show off too.


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  1. How do I purchase the red blossom flower chair?????! How much is it, I live in california can you ship it to me???818 880-7500 call me,…. do they only come in RED?

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